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Over Easy Cafe Fort Lauderdale


318 E Oakland Park Blvd
Oakland Park, FL 33334
(954) 561-1177
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Last Review: 06/12/12


HoursBreakfast and Lunch only
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
AlcoholNone Entree PricesModerate

Critic's Review

On their website, their tagline is "GREAT FOOD, CASUAL DINING, & SUPERB SERVICE!". I do I agree that it qualifies as casual Dining. But if I had to describe this place in one word, that word would be: Inept.

The Over Easy Cafe reminds me a bit of the Bayview Cafe just east of US1 on the same road. The difference here is that they have booths instead of tables; and that the Bayview has better food and service.


No Splenda here. No link sausages. I vaguely remembered my previous visit; I'd ordered what they called "lumberjack" sausages, which turned out to be an awful smoked sausage. I ordered coffee and asked for a few minutes to make my choice. The coffee came right away; They have custom coffee cups that are bigger than the standard industrial diner cups. And it's a good thing.

OverEasy Cafe Coffee

OverEasy Cafe Coffee

The menu we have here is outdated, although most choices and price points are about the same. They now call their home fries "cajun", which I assume meant that they were sprinked cajun seasoning instead of plain paprika, which was fine with me. I ordered the corded beef hash, and asked my server if the home fries were spicy. "No", she said, "They're really good". Ok, so I waited a bit and by the time the food was delivered I was just about done with my coffee. My server didn't notice and sped away.>

Over Easy Cafe Corned Beef Hash

Over Easy Cafe Corned Beef Hash

Obviously, the hash was disappointing. Canned hash, and not Mary Kitchen. I'm not sure how you call these "cajun" home fries; they had absolutely no seasoning at all. Plain roasted red potatoes. The eggs were fine; one yolk was half cooked. The toast was slathered with some yellow oily stuff, probably margarine or one of those hybrids.


My server walked by my table twice with a completely empty cup and didn't look. Then she was packing up an order, and didn't look over as I was trying to get her attention. As it turns out, the order was for her, as she left the cafe, saying good bye to the regulars. Another 10 minutes went by; the other 2 servers walked by several times.

A guy at the next table walked his coffee cup up to the counter to get a refill. I guess it's self service here.

I had to get up and go to the register to pay my bill as no-one came over to drop it off; nor did they look over so that I could ask for it. From the time that I received my food, not one person even looked in my direction for any reason.

The good news is I saved on the tip. Since the only person that served me was gone, who was I leaving the tip for? 3 people who completely ignored me?

Bad food and perhaps the worst service I've received in 800 reviews. So much for truth in advertising.

Previous Visit

They claim to serve the "Finest Breakfast in Town". Luckily that's not the case, as there are better places nearby.

The Over Easy Cafe reminds me a bit of the Bayview Cafe just east of US1 on the same road. The difference here is that they have booths instead of tables. This is a real neighborhood regulars place. I saw a few reviews where so-called reviewers ranted about how friendly the place was; but i didn't find it very friendly. In fact, I found the banter unbearable at times, with one customer muttering some nonsense about Obama and another trying to make the case that Brett Favre should have his pay withheld for only playing one series in a pre-season game a few days after he arrived at camp. Needless to say, its not a high IQ crowd here.

The coffee here is a bit weak, and of course they have no splenda.

The menu looks pretty regular for breakfast, and in an attempt to compare apples to apples, I ordered my usual: 2 over easy with sausage and rye toast. The potato choices here are hash browns and grits, so I ordered hash browns. My server asked what kind of sausage I wanted, but there are no choices listed on the menu. she offered Italian Sausage or smoked pork sausage or Lumberjack sausage. I'd never had lumberjack so I though I'd try them.

Over Easy Cafe Eggs w/Smoked Sausage

Over Easy Cafe Eggs w/Smoked Sausage

They claim to use extra large eggs here, and I guess they do seem a bit bigger than the miniatures you get at some places. The hash browns were unseasoned and needed much salt and pepper. The sausages weren't particularly my kind of thing; sort of like a small, spicy hot dog. But that was my fault for ordering something I didn't know much about. Next time I'll know better.

When I got the bill I was surprised that they charged me an extra $1 for the lumberjack sausage. I re-checked the menu and there were a number of items listed as extra charges such as a bagel; but no mention of the sausage. My server certainly should have mentioned the extra charge to me, so it came out of her tip. Charging $2.50 for a single link is pretty lame in a place like this.

I can't think of a reason that I'd go out of my way to come here again. Its very average in almost every way. Their web site is a disaster so save yourself a headache by avoiding trying to deal with it.

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