Cafe Europa Re-Opens on Las Olas

Last Activity: Aug 25th, 2010

cafe europa

The wait is over. Cafe Europa has returned to Las Olas.

Sometimes things that seem bad can be good. When Cafe Europa and O'Haras were closed so that the greedy hotel owners could expand their building into some sort of a 5 star palace, locals were livid. When they failed to obtain financing and ultimately had to shelve the project, leaving Las Olas with a big lawn where Cafe Europa once stood, the outrage only worsened.

But on Monday Cafe Europa re-opened at 910 Las Olas and the transformation is definitely for the better. The 2 years without Cafe Europa not-withstanding; it almost seems worth the wait. The space is beautiful, upscale, even sexy. Tony Cupelli has outdone himself. His new Trattoria is a welcome new contributor to a more modern, more upscale Las Olas Blvd.

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