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Garden Grill Davie


6175 SW 45th St
Davie, FL 33155
(954) 583-2637
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HoursM-Sat 5:30am-3pm,Sun & Holidays 7am-2pm
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
Entree PricesInexpensive OutdoorYes
ReservationsNo DeliveryNo

Critic's Review

I passed this place while I was looking for something else a while back, and when I was thinking of a late breakfast on a nice Saturday afternoon I thought I'd give it a try. This part of Davie is a funny part of town; Grifs Western is right next door and they have things like a Feed store that you don't see in the Mall Crazy parts of town. There are no tourists here; it's an older part of town that's about as working class as you can get.

The place is basically a diner, with a counter up front, booths along the wall and a room with tables in the back. The panelling dates the decor to early to mid 80s. There's a big whiteboard with specials. Vinyl booths with formica tables.

Garden Grill Interior

Garden Grill Interior

The place is decorated for Christmas. A server comes over and brings me a menu; I ask for coffee as I know I'm having breakfast.

Garden Grill Mud

Garden Grill Mud

The miniature cup contained mud; that thick brown substance you get at 2:30pm from a place that closes at 3. They probably hadn't served a breakfast since 11:30; it's to be expected. I kind of like mud sometimes, but this was too burnt for my taste. >The eggs came out in less than 5 minutes.

Garden Grill Eggs

Garden Grill Eggs

Not bad for $6.95. The potatoes come with or without onions; it's the first time I can remember being asked such a thing. My server came back to ask if everything was ok; asked if I wanted some water, as if she sensed that the coffee wasn't too good. "Do you have some decaf or something else", I said, "This stuff is mud". She shook her head in affirmation "I'll get you something".

I like to drink coffee while I eat breakfast, so I waited for her to return. Plus I needed to take some pictures. They have a Christmas tree in the back room; it also looked like they have a couple of tables outside in a courtyard.

Garden Grill Dining Room

Garden Grill Dining Room

She came back a few minutes later "I made a fresh pot". And HOT it was. Much better. Now I could enjoy my meal.

Garden Grill Fresh Coffee

Garden Grill Fresh Coffee

Everything was fine; the potatoes were unseasoned but easily fixed with salt and pepper; they had Christmas rock playing; you know, like Jingle Bell Rock and John Lennon's "And So this is Christmas". A pleasant if not elegant place to grab some grub.

Something happened here which is very rare around here. Making a pot of coffee 20 minutes before closing for 1 guy having a $9 breakfast isn't something motivated by profit. She cared more about me enjoying my meal than the cost of a pot of coffee. It's something we could use a lot more of in this town.

Also, they now take credit cards; some other sites have them listed as cash only.

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