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Flashback Diner Boca Raton


1450 N Federal Hwy
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 750-2120
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Last Review: 01/04/14


HoursOpen 24 Hours
Dress CodeDressy ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar
OutdoorYes ReservationsYes

Critic's Review

Flashback Diner has opened in Boca. This is their fourth location and the 3rd Flashback Diner; we've reviewed the other 2 locations in Davie and Hallandale. One annoyance is their complete neglect of their web page and social sites; they still don't have this location as open on their web page, and they barely mention the Boca location on facebook.

it was curious when we found out that the Flashback people were taking over the Vivo Partenza space; converting an ostentatious italian restaurant into a diner doesn't seem like a simple task. While they've certainly changed the outdoor appearance, there as many aspects of a full-service restaurant that remain. There's an outdoor patio and the kind of bar that you don't usually see in a 24 hour diner.


The place doesn't much look like a diner, and in fact it's not. It's a restaurant that serves diner food. And that's open 24 hours.


The first indication that this isn't a real diner came immediately. First, there's a "host". Usually in a diner they just tell you to sit anywhere. They have the same bad practices as places like Mom's, where they give you the choice of sitting at the bar or waiting. I pointed to an open booth and got seated there.

One thing that they have added was TVs in the booths, something they have in their Hallandale location. Not much worth watching on Saturday morning.

Flashback TV in Booth

Flashback TV in Booth


Unlike a real diner, nobody brought me coffee as soon as I was seated. In fact it was more than 5 minutes before someone came over at all, and another 5 minutes before I had coffee.


I ordered the Flashback Skillet, which apparently can vary in ways not mentioned on the menu. I order it with peppers and onions, eggs over easy, sausage and rye bread.

They play very low-key music; it's sort of like eating eggs in an overdone italian restaurant, which is exactly what it is. One observation, and the biggest problem with the place, is that the employees are not diner people. They're too slow moving. You don't expect to wait 10 minutes for coffee, or to have it take 5 minutes to flag down your server. A runner brought out the food.


A pretty good portion, particularly since it came with bread. The bread was a hearty rye, but they gave me two little tubs of junk to put on it.


When my server came to check on me, I asked if they had real butter. And in fact they do! Why not give it to me without asking?

The skillet was fine, but they gave me bacon instead of sausage. Maybe it's better not to have so many "options" with a dish, so the chances of getting it wrong are reduced.

Flashback Diner Skillet

Flashback Diner Skillet

This would have been a lot better with sausage, but I wasn't going to send it back. It would have been nice if my server offered to bring me some on the side, but he didn't.

The place was quite crowded; it's the new thing in Boca and the snowbirds are back. If you're familiar with diners you won't think that this is one; but there's a new place to get food at 4am in Boca Raton.

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