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5550 NW 40th St
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
(866) 222-7466
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Last Review: 01/05/13


Hours7am-10am, 11am-4pm 5pm-10pm Sun Brunch (7am-8pm)
Dress CodeCasual ParkingValet
CCYes AlcoholNo
Entree Prices$7.95 (breakfast) - 14.95 (lunch) - $19.95 (dinner) - 27.95 (Fri/Sat Seafood Sun Brunch) OutdoorNo
ReservationsNo DeliveryNo

Critic's Review

I was pleasantly surprised by the Isle Casino buffet, so I thought I'd try the one at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek. When I first moved here, nothing confused me more than Coconut Creek and Coconut Grove and Coral Springs and Coral Gables. Do they really need cities with such similar names in the same area? While they call this Coconut Creek, It's Coral Springs on the other side of 441. So this is as far from Fort Lauderdale as Coral Springs; about 22 miles from Downtown.

Unlike Isle where you can just park and walk right into the buffet, this is more of a project. There are a bunch of parking lots and garages; I parked in the north Garage which turned out to be about as far from the buffet as I could get. The buffet is all the way on the other side in the back. On a Saturday afternoon at lunch time I was surprised to see that it was half empty.

Seminole Fresh Harvest Buffet

Seminole Fresh Harvest Buffet

The price of the lunch buffet is $14.95, which is $3 more than Isle and more than any chinese or sushi buffet I've been to at lunch time. The staff is, to be kind, gruff. Nobody explains how it works. You pay a girl who has no interest in answering questions, and then she points you to a line where there's a hostess seating people. There were only 2 in front of me. It's the same wonky set up as Isle; the difference here is that all of the drinks are included and there is no beer or wine, so they don't have to look at your receipt to know what you want. The bad thing is that you have to wait for a server to tell them what you want, because it's not on the receipt. So I sat and waited. A dude lumbered by with some glasses. "I'll be right back" he promised. He served the drinks and took 2 other orders before coming back. Finally I ordered an iced tea.

Off to the buffet.

They had a running grill with a dude making hamburgers and hot dogs; the grill at the Isle is never live and they always have old, dried up burgers. So I grabbed one of each. I also got some "steamed" brussels sprouts and a rotisserie chicken breast.

Seminole Fresh Harvest hot dog, burger, brussels sprouts and rotisserie chicken

Seminole Fresh Harvest hot dog, burger, brussels sprouts and rotisserie chicken

The burger turned out to be raw; completely inedible. The hot dog was good, but the bun was huge for the oversized dog, so I passed on the bun. The brussels sprouts weren't bad; not cabbagy but no real flavor either. The chicken was dry as rotisserie chicken goes. Not terrible but not anything I'd want again either. >

Time for another pass.

On the plate this time: Another burger, stuffed talapia, rigatoni "Bolognese", meatloaf and flank steak in a "hot and sweet pepper demi glace".

Seminole Fresh Harvest Meatloaf, Talapia, Burger, flank steak and rigatoni

Seminole Fresh Harvest Meatloaf, Talapia, Burger, flank steak and rigatoni

This burger was better; rare but not raw. The guy cooking had no idea how to make burgers. The talapia was dry and was filled with some pedestrian seafood stuffing. They call their meatloaf "Mom's meatloaf". I'm sure we all had a friend with a mom who made meatloaf like this. Whenever we were invited to dinner we'd politely decline and run like hell home. The rigatoni: mush. The flank steak was tender, but sauce was just a bad gravy that added a strange flavor. This would have been good with a nice mushroom gravy, but no, the chef had to prove his prowess.

Off to the buffet once again.

They only have 2 soups here; Black bean and Italian wedding. The italian wedding looked like chunks of sausage in broth, so I tried the black bean. They have the soup behind the counter here, so you have to get a server to ladle you a bowl: annoying.

Seminole Fresh Harvest Black Bean Soup

Seminole Fresh Harvest Black Bean Soup

The soup was bland and barely resembled any black bean soup I've had before. They also didn't have soup spoons, so eating this with a tea spoon was awkward. No need, the good thing about a buffet is that you can just not eat it.

Up and off again.

Their salad bar is very weak, with only iceberg and mixed weeds as the leafy choices. Lousy grape tomatoes and no salad bowls. You have to make it on a plate. There wasn't very much that interested me at the salad bar.

Seminole Fresh Harvest Salad

Seminole Fresh Harvest Salad

Not bad; the blue cheese dressing was good. But not very exciting either. The tuna fish was fine if I was on a diet, but why come to an all you can eat buffet if you're on a diet?>

On a Saturday they also had a "brunch" setup, with scrambled eggs, hash browns, grits, sausage and bacon.

Seminole Fresh Harvest Egg Plate

Seminole Fresh Harvest Egg Plate

I usually avoid buffet scrambled eggs, and these explain why. They make them a tray at a time and they get runny after just a few minutes. The hash browns had some orange and I thought they might have sweet potatoes, but alas it was just paprika. The hash browns were perhaps the worst I've ever had. Even the sausages were odd; cutting them caused the skins to explode so it was hard to get a good slice. I didn't want breakfast anyway.

They had a sandwich station, but only ham, roast beef, turkey and cheese. I couldn't get excited about a ham sandwich. They also had a "carving station" which was a turkey loaf; the kind you make sandwiches from. Time for some dessert.

The dessert station was pretty weak; no good cakes or pies. The ice cream was behind the counter so you couldn't see it. The entire dessert area was in a display case, and you had to wait to get served to get something. Very lame. I ended up grabbing some mousse and a brownie. They had whipped cream but it was in a big container with a huge spoon. There was no way to get a small amount; I would have had to lop off a big blob of it, so I passed.

By now the buffet was totally out of spoons. "Ask your server" they all said. Sure, my server was like Forrest Gump. Fat chance I'd be seeing him again.

Seminole Fresh Harvest Mousse and Brownie

Seminole Fresh Harvest Mousse and Brownie

The mousse was very good; easily the best thing I had. The brownie was pretty good also.

Service here is a joke. Empty tables aren't cleared for 1/2 hour, and it takes FOREVER to get a refill, if you're lucky enough to even see your server while you're at your table. Fire these people and get some soda machines, PLEASE.

Time to get out of this place. They advertise it as the best buffet on Broward. It's not. It doesn't measure up to the Isle Casino buffet or chinese buffets like Shinju. The bottom line is that there isn't one really good thing on the buffet. There's a lot of cheap stuff. This buffet is insulting, particularly for $3 more than any other buffet that has much better food. "Fresh Harvest" isn't an accurate description of this buffet at all.

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This Buffet SUCKS. The selection is very poor and the "waiters" are probably stand in actors for a horror movie.For a $30 buffet,this is by far the worst buffet I have ever been to in my life. You only get 3 snow crab clusters unlike the Isle which is unlimited and less money. The buffet has the least selection of of any casino I have ever been to and I travel alot and go to alot of casino buffet. These people ought to be ashamed to even offer such a buffet,but they seem to be fine with it.
The Fresh Harvest is AWFUL, its dirty, unorganized, and the staff is rude and unfriendly!! Where are they getting these people who work there?? Very disappointed, its not what it use to be.. They need an overhaul on this restaurant.
Amelia Reply
This was "The Best Buffet in So Florida, years ago when the Frenchman was the head chef. The Frenchman was in charge of hiring and had a great team who loved what they did. I attended someof the private parties, good enough to rivale any Michelin awarded restaurant.
Al the good prople have left, now the low paid workers do not care about the place.
Sad the pizza man is gone, the Italian girl was great, Sylvia the cake girls all gone and I am gone to.
Shanik BermanReply
All i can tell you is that a year ago this was a totally different place, everything started when they brought a new "CHEF" and all the personal that open this place left , poor management, poor quality of food etc. And this is a new Chef that came to put the casino's name higher than what it was .
I concur with this. This buffet doesn't measure up.
This is a VERY GOOD description of this place the problem with this buffet or One of the problems starts with the Management the first 3 or 4 years of this place was EXCELLENT from the food (which they got rid of all the really good Chefs or they quit) was fresh and Always good. The Service was Great they actually cared about how service was given all because the management that ran it took pride at they actually Spoke to the customers there were two Managers a latin guy with glasses which i dont see naymore and another one that I see occasionally in the Casino when those guys were in there that place was hopping and the food was just fantastic no matter what time of day you went. Its just truly sad to see get rid of whoever is running that dept and do whatever you have to do to bring back the all guys you had in there before !! We want REAL food Again !!