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gilligans sub shack

Gilligan's Sub Shack


112 Commercial Blvd
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33308
(954) 771-9050
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Last Review: 01/23/13


HoursMon-Sun 7am-11pm
Dress CodeUltra Casual (No Shoes/Shirts OK) ParkingStreet Metered
OutdoorNo ReservationsNo

Critic's Review

I was in LBTS with not quite enough time for a sit-down lunch, and I spotted Gilligan's. With LaSpada moving into new digs just up the road, these guys have a better location; walking distance from the beach. Apparently they open for breakfast as well.

There are a lot of bad spaces in this part of town, but Gilligan's is a pretty comfortable setup as sub shops go. Air Conditioned, with nice tables and chairs. You can certainly eat in here even if you're with a group.


Gilligan's Sub Shack Interior

I order a small Italian Sub with everything; banana peppers on the side. The sandwich maker here has a long way to go before he catches up to the dudes at LaSpada. It took him a pretty long time to make the sub. Meat was sliced to order. He didn't know what Deli or Brown mustard was; they have Yellow and Spicy. I get mustard and mayo on my Italian Sub.

When I got home, I was horrified to see that they forgot to give me the banana peppers. Disappointing.


Gilligan's Sub Shack Italian Sub

I had some peppers in my fridge but no banana peppers. But even without, this was a very good sandwich. Good cold cuts; the flavors just burst in my mouth the way a good Italian sub should.

At $7.25 for an 8" sub; a pretty good value. Gilligan's is OK. The only negative is that it's $1.50 an hour to park; LBTS thinks they're Las Olas or something now.

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Went by Gilligan's yesterday and it's closed and the location for sale. How long do you think Azteca Mexican Grill next door will last??
I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of businesses folded up. LBTS is quite the disaster. "Let's remodel the entire town in 1 summer". On the other hand, The Village Grille has survived, so why not Azteca?

It's never good when a place closes before I remove the "Recent Openings" tag.
Add Azteca Mexican Grill to the CLOSED list. It wasn't busy before LBTS turned into Hiroshima.

Also not a restaurant but the Scot's Drugs (been open 30+ years) has a Going Out of Business sign. Stupid LBTS decided to do all the construction work BEFORE they build a new parking garage so all the businesses around the Pier are dead or dying, put a fork in Azteca as it's dead now too
It's actually a good thing; bad businesses go under and open up space for better places to open up once the construction is done. The landlords know what's going on. They could cut the businesses some slack if they wanted to. They want them out.