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3045 N Federal Hwy 60B
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
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Last Review: 09/19/13


Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholBeer and Wine
OutdoorYes ReservationsNo

Critic's Review

I got tied up this afternoon and didn't get out until about 4pm; too late for lunch, so I started thinking about places that are only open for dinner but who open early. I remembered that Hot and Soul opens at 4pm, and it wasn't far from where I needed to go.

It's a small place with 2 "rooms"; one side has counters with seating like a bar, and the other room has tables. I wasn't into hanging with the gang, so I grabbed a table.

Hot and Soul Interior

Hot and Soul Interior

I'd seen the menu in the window on the way in (the same one we have here), and I ordered a small gumbo. I was just looking for something light. The server game me a menu and I noticed it was different. The Gumbo Yumbo is off the menu and they have something else, Aunt Dewey's Gumbo (or something like that), with duck and andouille sausage. Good enough.

I ordered an iced tea which was delivered without sweeteners; I asked for Splenda and was offered Stevia; everything about this place is a bit different.

Originally, they only had 1 size for the soup, and $16 was enough to keep me away. They're offering smaller sizes now on some of their menu items, which is a good idea.

The soup came out piping hot.

Hot and Soul Gumbo

Hot and Soul Gumbo

$9 isn't cheap for a "small soup", but this is pretty hearty stuff. It wasn't as spicy as I like; they could kick this up a notch and it would be superb. It didn't have a lot of ingredients, no okra or celery or shrimp, but it was loaded with meat; lots of duck and sausage.

Hot and Soul Gumbo

Hot and Soul Gumbo

It didn't make me cry, which is preferred, but it's a nice bowl of soup. When you finish and you wish there was a bit more; it's a good thing.

The menu here is out of the ordinary, and in a town where everyone has the same menu it's a welcome addition. No Tuna with seaweed here.

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