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2414 E Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 390-7996
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Critic's Review

Sbarro's has recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which means that they'll be closing some stores; I doubt they'll be closing this one.jump--> Sbarro's headquarters is just down the road from where my office was in Melville, NY, and there are a lot of other Sbarro's concepts on Long Island that nobody really knows about; like Blackstone Steakhouse and Boulder Creek Saloons. Around here, we just have the Mall Pizza; the pizza actually isn't bad, but when I go to the mall, the Sbarro's buffer is more on my radar.

Back when I did my first Low Carb diet, I used to go to the Sbarro's buffet once a week. I could load up on protein and vegetables and eat as much as I wanted for a decent price. Prices are still pretty reasonable at $6.89/lb for a plate.


Sbarro's Buffet

Unfortunately, the offerings aren't as good; the last 2 times I've been here they didn't have sausage and peppers. They have a lot of stuff with bones like chicken wings, which make no sense to buy when you're paying by the pound. Today they had red potatoes, pepper and onions instead of sausage; the kind of thing that will likely cause this to be my last time at this buffet.

I loaded up a place, paid the $8.50 and took a seat. They wanted $2.25 for a small bottle of off-brand water so I passed on the beverage. They only charge $1.75 in the food court for named brands; you can't encourage bad behavior but just buy overpriced stuff.


Sbarro's Galleria Mall Dining Area

Pretty dead at 3pm. There really wasn't much protein that I wanted; the sausage and peppers is my favorite here. >I got some rolled up white fish francese, chicken francese, brocolli and Greek salad.


Sbarro's Buffet Plate

Quite a load of decent food for less then $9. Better than the stuff in the food court.

Review 4/17/13

Most people think of Sbarro as a mall pizza restaurant, and in some ways they're right. Those of us from Long Island have a slightly different perspective, as we've experienced not only their mall restaurants, but also Mama Sbarro's and their Boulder Creek Steakhouses, which are and were a rip-off of Outback Steakhouse.

When I go to Sbarro's its not for the pizza. I like the buffet. Its not a great buffet, but I like buffets because you can get just what you want and you can get a lot of different stuff.

Sbarro Buffet

Sbarro Buffet

Back when I was a big low-carber, I used to eat at the Sbarro buffet once a week. I could load up on chicken and fish and sausage and brocolli. They have quite an array of salads, pastas and chicken dishes, and fish as well. Some of the stuff isn't as good as you'd hope; they have some weird recipes. But you can try a taste if you're not sure. The buffet is charged at $6.85 per pound, so there's a strategy to selecting food here. They have ribs and chicken wings, for example, but when you buy stuff with bones by weight you're not getting your money's worth. You want food that doesn't weigh much. Its strange, but if you don't pay attention you'll end up paying $12.

But for the first time in many years, 2 of their signature items are no longer included in the buffet. Chicken Francaise and Sausage and Peppers were always 2 items I put on my plate, but they weren't on the buffet. They had a lot of pastas; lasagna, penne, pasta salads. One new item was a greek salad. I had to break some rules to get enough protein. I got some tuna fish, and I got a rib.

Sbarro Buffet Plate

Sbarro Buffet Plate

What I had here was some tomato/mozzerella/basil (they have olive oil by the forks and knives), Brocolli,greek salad, fish, chicken "rosemary", a pork rib and a meatball. A low-carbers paradise. This place was $10.08 before tax.

I wanted to put some butter on my broccoli but they no longer have butter. Now they used to give you bread with an entree; so you can't get butter for your bread? The dude looked at me like I had 2 heads when I asked for it; it's not like I hadn't gotten butter here many times before.

The sausage and peppers were sorely missed; it was the only thing with real flavor. And the chicken rosemary tasted like plain chicken; a far cry from their chicken francaise. The rib was the best thing on the plate. Nothing else had much flavor.

This was more of a purpose meal than anything very enjoyable; like when you have chicken and beans for a snack. There's enough stuff on the buffet to find a few things to assuage your appetite, if nothing else. It looks like the bean counters have brought down the value of the buffet however.

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