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Oct 28th, 2018

Bokamper's Sports Bar & Grill

3115 NE 32nd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308
(954) 900-5584
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Hours: 11:30am-2am
Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Value, Street Metered
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outdoor: Yes
Reservations: No


Waterfront Location
Big Patio
Tons of TVs


No Free Parking
Bad Food
Amateurish Service

Critic's Review

I hadn't been to Bokampers in years; when this place opened it was a big deal and judging by today, it still is the place to be on game day for sports fans. It no longer draws the cool kids, but they had a good crowd.

I don't like the place inside, and getting a seat here inside during a Dolphins game isn't happening easily.

The patio is less smoky than before as more and more people have wised up. A couple of dogs but not too bad; the "I must dine with my dog" crowd is more about brunch than sports I think.

The back room is your most likely shot at getting a seat at the bar. The outside seats don't have a TV up close and seem like the least desirable place to sit.

It seems they may have been reading my reviews, as they move the plants to the side on game day so they don't take up standing room

Something interesting was that they had the Dolphins game on the smaller set on the end and the Cowboys game on the 2 larger sets. I'm not sure if that was by request or some sort of odd planning.


Now that you can get NFL games on the dark web, there's no reason for me to drag myself out to a sports bar to watch my game. Plus the Giants have stunk so motivation is limited. For some people this is a big deal; but I don't get why people want to go to a sports bar to eat bad food when their game is on TV.

I don't like that they don't have a good plan here for the game; finding a specific game is a pain and despite all of the TV; fat chance you'll be able to watch 2 games that you care about at the same time.

Review 12/21/14

I've been to Bokamper's a bunch of times to watch Sunday Football since the last review, But most of the time there isn't much to write about. I've eaten the last 2 times I've been there, with mixed results.

One thing I knew going in was that I wasn't going to be the only NY Giants fan in the place.

One thing I've noticed is that not many people come here by boat. Five years ago, the boats would be 3 deep on a Sunday at Shooter's. This place usually has 1 or 2. It's usually pretty sleepy by the dock.

The inside gets pretty crowded when the Dolphins are playing. There really isn't much room to stand at the main bar, so I usually hang out outside.

While they allow smoking outside, not many people smoke. They'd be smart to ban smoking in the covered patio, because 1 or 2 smokers can ruin it for everyone else. Make them go out to the dock. While the patio is technically open air, it's really not. It might just as well be a covered, enclosed room.

A couple of weeks ago, I came in when the Dolphins weren't playing and got a seat in the back. I ordered some wings; grilled medium.

I wasn't impressed with the grilling; it's like they just tossed them on a dirty grill, not understanding the point of grilling the wings.

These wings weren't as good as the wings I'd had at their Davie location. They were just like some regular wings rolled in some sauce. No baked in flavor. I've seen some really wet looking wings come out of the kitchen here. I don't think that they have a consistent way of making the wings. Sometimes they look good, and sometimes they look awful. These weren't anything I'd order again.

In one of the most boneheaded moves I've ever seen, for some reason they've put plants out on the patio in the middle of one of the only clear areas outside. First, they're not nice plants, and second, they're just in the way. It's hard enough for the servers to get by without having to navigate a bunch of plants that add nothing to the ambiance. Whoever came up with this idea needs to be taken out to the woodshed.

Another development is people letting their dogs run free without a leash. Imagine if everyone had the same idea?

While the dog was very well behaved, it is against the law to allow a dog to run free without a leash in a public place. When one person does it, others will follow, and it's also a major liability to the bar.

Here's the Broward County Leash Law:

Animals "At Large" The Leash Law: Section 4-3
The term at large means that your pet is not confined or somehow controlled.
It is against the law for any person to permit their dog to be at large. This means that the dog must be under the direct, physical control of a person by means of one of the following:

Confined to the property of its owner by means of a fence

It is against the law to tie, chain or tether a dog so that it has access to public property or the property of another person.

Pets found to be at large may be impounded at the Broward County Animal Care shelter.

Bars and restaurants must train their employees to instruct people to put their dogs on a leash. If someone even trips over a playful dog and cracks their head open, the restaurant will be out of business shortly thereafter.

The Giants had a 4pm game so after the Dolphins game was over some seats opened up and I sat down to have a bite. They have a "raw bar" menu now, with different prices than the regular menu. Notice the price of the Peel and Eat shrimp is $12.99 on the regular menu and $13.99 on the raw bar menu. This is because a "raw bar" is cooler and therefore things cost more if you order it from the raw bar menu.

Iced tea is served in nice glasses without mint; I got an unwanted mint leaf at the Davie location, but luckily it's not a trend.

I'd seen someone with a lobster roll earlier and it looked good; normally I wouldn't order something like that here, but it was actually reasonably prices. Just about everything here is overpriced, but most people are charging $19 for a lobster roll now, so $14.99 doesn't seem so bad.

While waiting for the food, there was some entertainment by the main bar.

I'm not sure what was going on there but I didn't mind it too much.

The lobster roll came out in 6 minutes; one advantage of ordering cold food.

It was pretty minimalist and the meat was good lobster meat. It needed some seasoning, but overall a worthwhile sandwich. I even liked the fries; skin on steak fries that needed some salt. I recommend the lobster roll.


The first time I walked in to this place, I thought they did a great job. It seemed like a sports watching Mecca. But after actually watching a lot of games here, I've soured on it substantially. They don't have a plan for the games, and you can't really watch a game comfortably inside. So you're stuck either at the entrance to the patio, or on the South side of the patio bar, where they've now put plants, making the area uncomfortable.

Football season is over in one more week, so I likely won't be here again for a year. There's nothing social going on in this place, and I wouldn't come here to watch a basketball game. The crowd is pretty crusty; it's nothing like my first visit when it was the "new" thing, and it seemed like everyone was here.

Review 8/10/14

I was in the area on a Sunday, and I wanted to see if Bokamper's had become a "Sunday Thing" the way that the old Shooters used to be. With no football games scheduled, it would be 4 more weeks before NFL Sundays packed the place.

I had some quarters so I avoided the Pay by Phone fee; Parking is still cheap in this area; a quarter gets you 35 minutes. I walked in to a dead venue. There were 2 people at the bar and I ordered a beer. On NFL Sundays you have no chance of getting a seat at the bar. To watch a baseball game or less popular event, this is a pretty good spot for it. Lots of big TVs right in front of you.

The back bar was closed. I think I saw some tumbleweed.

Same deal with the back patio. There were some cretins in the corner who had no interest in Sports smoking and eating sushi; would you really come here for Sushi?

No line for the bathroom today.

No scene here. It's amazing how none of the waterfront space have become any sort of Weekend scene.

Review 3/21/14

I don't usually go to sports bars outside of Football season, when I'm occasionally forces to go out to watch a NY Giants game that isn't on regular TV. I thought about coming to watch the olympics one afternoon, but never quite made it out. With March Madness now upon us; the opportunity arose.

The "Madness" that made parking near Bokamper's nearly impossible when they first opened has long passed; as has the euphoria felt when entering the place for the first time and you realized that there was now a Sports Mecca in Fort Lauderdale.

On a Friday Afternoon on the Second, and arguably the best day of March Madness, there wasn't 1 person sitting at an inside bar. The outside bar was mostly populated, however. I found a seat not next to a bunch of screaming idiots, which is important when you plan to eat at a Sports Bar.

When I sat down, there where only the 2 girls working; a formula which resulted in zero service for about 10 minutes. Finally one of them noticed me fidgeting and asked what I wanted.

"A menu and Iced Tea with extra lemon please". "Unsweetened?", she asked. "Yes".

The tea was delivered with 1 wedge of lemon and no sweeteners. And so it began.

I looked over the menu to see if I'd missed something; my plan was to order the Ribs. If you watch "House of Cards", you've been thinking about Ribs lately. I'd been to Bokamper's 5 or 6 times and I'd never seen anyone eating ribs, which was curious. They advertise them as "award winning", which is always a red flag in Fort Lauderdale. Because we all know the numbskulls who are giving out awards around here; the kind of people who think that Big City Tavern is a 5 star restaurant.

It didn't take me long to decide; but no server seemed interested in taking my order. Finally one came over; I ordered the ribs. "Fries OK"? She said. "What are the choices?", I asked. She didn't seem sure. Finally she mentioned salad. "Ok, I'll have the salad". She scampered away, not asking what dressing I wanted, nor informing me if I had choices.

Just after I ordered a Dude arrived and I asked for some extra lemon. Still nobody asked if I wanted sweeteners, although maybe he thought I'd declined previously. Splenda isn't really good for me anyway, I suppose.

The ribs came out with a big side salad.

"Doesn't this come with Cole Slaw", I asked, not noticing the thimble on the plate. I later learned that Cole Slaw is considered a garnish at Bokampers. A lot different than the generous portion you get at Houston's or J Alexander's with Ribs.

The salad was a lot bigger than I expected; I expected a small pile of lettuce on the plate. It has some sort of Balsamic dressing on it; something I would never have ordered if I'd been giving a choice

One of the things I don't like about balsamic; and a reason that restaurants like to use it, is that it turns everything brown, so you can't tell what was brown before they put dressing on it.

This salad was as ill-conceived as a salad could be. With croutons, mushrooms, carrots, spinach; it was like a plate of salad bar leftovers. The pickled red onions were better than raw. Considering the lack of cole slaw; the salad was better than fries.

If ever a restaurant can be accused of false advertising; the ribs fit that bill here. A rack of ribs is 12-13 ribs, not 10. And these were not succulent, fall-off-the-bone or anything of the sort. The were dry, burned and tasted like leftovers. A C- on the ribs. The cole slaw was way too "Creamy" which disqualifies it as a "healthy" side dish.

I was criticised for saying "Stick to the Wings" when I first came here, because I didn't actually eat anything. But chain restaurants are wholly predictable, although a place that can't even make a decent salad is very low on the totem pole. I'll say it loud and clear:

Don't pay these prices for this food.

Get some grilled wings and just watch the games and enjoy the view and the weather

Review 12/15/13

I've been back a couple of times, and the service is horrific. Bartenders are completely overmatched by the people right in front of them while parts of the bar go completely unattended. You have to put yourself right in front of someone to get served at all.

Also be aware that on Football Sundays, there's a massive line at 1pm, and expect to wait a while if you valet:

I recommend the nearby metered parking. It's only like 40 cents per hour (a quarter gives you 35 minutes), although figure that one out of every 4 coins you put in the meter will not register (ie, be stolen by the city).

I also saw someone dump a full beer on the floor right next to a server station; the metal "bottles" don't break; and servers and running just kept walking over it without any concern about mopping it up. There was also a puddle on the patio for an my entire visit last week. When someone slips on the web concrete and cracks open their skull they'll start mopping up spills; but for now it's apparently not a concern.

I've yet to eat at this location, but I've become a master at visual inspection; you can tell when food it good by the way it looks. I'd say this is Duffy's quality all the way, except for maybe the sushi, which seems better than you'd expect.

11/30/13 Visit

Bokampers is now open and I see no reason to beat around the bush. This new waterfront sports bar isn't just the best Sports Bar in Fort Lauderdale; it's the best venue of any kind north of Miami. This is going to be what Shooter's used to be; only bigger and better. Duffy's better start pricing some new projectors, because there's a new guy in town that is an absolute Mecca for watching Sports.

The first thing you notice is that there's no parking in the entire neighborhood. Last week this was a desolate neighborhood with nary a soul to be seen on a Saturday Afternoon; now you can't find a spot anywhere. I drove around the block a few times and spotted someone pulling out near Pizza Rustica. I guess you could park in the Shooters garage and walk from there. When Shooters reopens it's going to be sick down here.

The entire parking lot is valet; I don't know where they stuff the overflow. But it was a disaster. Line in, line out; people waiting all over the place for their cars. Part of the grand opening experience.

You walk into a grand room with high ceilings and Bokamper's signature big sports scenes up high on the walls. They're bigger and better than in Plantation. No Skylight.

There are TVs everywhere; and a lot of people. This is one place I won't mind standing. There's not a bad seat in the house.

Up on the wall, there's a monster projector TV; but it's really wholly unnecessary. There are so many big TVs you won't want to be lookup up that high.

Just standing and looking around; at first it's hard to grasp how big he place is. It's twice the size of Shooters and 3 times as functional. They have 3 huge bars and at least 5 distinct rooms; there's a private party room up front, a dining room on the North side, the main room, a pub room and a huge covered patio on the water. They even have a sushi bar; and they don't have some kid with a ball cap making the sushi either.

The sushi bar doubles as the raw bar; with a sushi chef sucking oysters in between sushi orders.

On the south side there a "pub" room with an indoor-outdoor bar and some booths; this is where you might go to hang out if you're not into the Scene.

But the star of the building is the back patio. In so many of these Sports bars, there's an outside bar that is home to the smokers; and you can't really go out there. This back patio is so big and cool that people aren't going to let the smokers take it over. If they're smart, they'll ban smoking under the covered areas, which would really make it perfect.

There's a huge bar, and also another big area on the south size with tables and rows of TVs. Lots of mingling room in here.

If you have a boat; you can come by boat. It's not as wide as Shooters, but it's a nice dock and they have people to help.

And if you like tap beer, they certainly have many to choose from to have with your sushi. Mostly the regular stuff; this isn't Tap42.

I never did get a seat; not that I was trying to hard to find one. This is definitely a walk-around place. A lot of silly women with white wine and sushi at the bar; but most people were eating messy nachos and big piles of wings.

In summary, Bokamper's new sports bar has it all, even if you don't like sports. On this day, with Florida vs Florida State going, there were a lot of sports fans. But I recognized a bunch of people from LaPlaya, and there were the kind of girls that hang out with rich old men to get free oysters and wings. The old Shooters/Bootlegger crowd with a new place to play.

Service generally sucks, and I don't think its because it's a new opening. The bartenders here aren't real bartenders; a lot like Duffy's. They don't know how to scan a bar for customers who are trying to buy something. I watched all 3 bars for a while, and they're just running around with tunnel vision. They have no concept of who should be next. So if you're not standing in front of the POS system when they're punching stuff in, you may never get served.

They do allow dogs on the patio; it's not clear if it's a policy or if they just don't want to kick people out on the first weekend. A few dogs is fine; but there is the danger that it becomes like Briny's where there can be as many dogs as people; I hope they don't allow that to happen.

The big patio adds an open-air mingle factor reminiscent of Bootlegger in its Prime; the problem with Bootlegger was that it was too casual, and La Playa was too snooty and expensive. Bokampers bridges the gap; it's upscale yet casual, a place where college kids and millionaires can all feel comfortable. And it's a helluva place to watch the games.

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This location has received multiple, escalating fines for food handling in the past year.
I've been here about 4 - 5 times. Went today for lunch. Finally decided the place is not worth it. Service was horrible and the food was mediocre, at best. Very big disappointment. Only thing I may do is meet up with friends for a drink at the bar. Yes, they have the TVs and the location is on the water. This is their only saving grace. I just really despise places like this. Places like this keep standards low and, then, this becomes 'good' because people don't expect better. Ate a Burger today b/c the waitress said they were good there. NO WAY! it was awful!
Service NOT good. Had a Strawberry Margarita it was [GOOD] and average price at the beach. Very packed due to playoff's but that's any sports bar during football playoffs. Beautiful place and scenery. I had the salmon blt wrap and it was good. I'm sure the service will get better, most places lack good service when they first open. Give it a few months.
They have a huge challenge ahead...poor service when we ate lunch a week ago at table on ICW. Staff doesn't have Duffy's service model from my experience. Odered lobster roll and won't do anything but wings in future. Too large to stay profitable in off season. Why so much wasted space?? Could have been smaller with some parking. But money does what money wants. Shooters may make a come back with new owners. Look out Bo!
You may be right about the food, but I doubt you're right about anything else. I have little hope for shooters. Grateful Palate was wildly overpriced (and quite delusional about their food), so I'm doubtful that they're going to build anything that appeals to the general public.

The fact that they've named a place "Events By Grateful Palate" is troubling in itself. A stupid name using a marginal brand. I have very little confidence that they can pull it off. Sure the food will be better than Bokampers, but it's doubtful it will be good enough to want to pay what they'll be charging for it.
Bill OConnell
I enjoyed myself with this new and very clean Sports Bar. The food was good and it had a great view! Our group stayed from early afternoon to half time of the Texas Game on January 6, 2014. When we left to get our car from the Valet Parking the little man at the valet station was very rude and really should not be dealing with the public! He really ruined what was a good day with his very unprofessional behavior!
I've been getting some flack on the 3 star food rating. I rate Sports Bars based on bar food. I don't give Duffy's 1 star because their skirt steak is garbage. If you order salmon or a lobster at a sports bar, your mileage may vary.
Why bother fighting the crowd at a "Grille" Restaurant on the Water in a mega bucks building if the only decent thing on the menu is Chicken Wings?

Better question is why build a mega bucks restaurant on the water if the only decent food you have is Chicken Wings???

I have never meet anyone who thought the food at Bo's was good......
Sports bars rarely have good food. You don't go for the food. You go to watch sports.
A great location and setting for watching sports. In all 3 visits, the service has been As for the food, it's mostly overpriced bar food. Frozen onion rings for a $2.50 upcharge is bad business!
So disappointed with the food. It was really bad. The spinach dip was all sour cream! I couldn't eat it. The buffalo chicken eggrolls were so dry and they only gave you 2 eggrolls for $10!
The service was really bad! There were so many employees walking around and it still took our server 10 minutes to greet us. Food was dropped without plates and silverware and we ordered sushi but had to wait another 10 min for chopsticks and soy sauce. The sushi was very bland.
Not worth the money
Frankly, if you order buffalo egg rolls and sushi at a sports bar, you kind of deserve what you get. #StickToTheWings
First of all, it is The Tides public parking lot directly under the bridge, not Shooters. Second, there are over 500 public parking spaces there and it is almost always less than 20% occupied. Just drive under the Oakland Park Bridge.
It's about 1/3 of the price to park on the Bokamper's side of the bridge. The reason that lot is always empty is that all of the venues are closed or suck. Parking is no longer a problem, BTW. It was just the first 2 weeks.
A waste of space to have a sports bar on the water, considering the million dollar view will be lost on those watching THE GAME. Pity.
Visited this establishment today after checking out web site. Billed as a sports bar and grille. Happy hour 11-7 featuring among other things 3.50 house wine. Went there shortly after 4. Sat at bar. Of the 6 TV's 3 were tuned to CNN, 1 to MSNBC, 1 to NFL Network and 1 to ESPN which featured the Beef 'O' Brady Bowl live from St. Pete. Not exactly a sports bar. When I got my tab, the house wine was $5 (plus tax). Something's wrong here.
Most of us are Hetero, Arty.
I tried Bokamper's for the first time. They offer a Boston Lobster roll. I'm from Boston and I've never seen this type of lobster roll in Boston. It's only the claw meat and it's mashed like a tuna fish sandwich. I though it was kind of bold to claim it to be Boston! They would have been safe calling it a Bokamper's Lobster Roll. It was a big mistake calling it A Boston Lobster Roll. If you're from the north east, You'll be very disappointed. Lee
We've got the menu with prices.
Have you eaten any of the food here on your visits yet? Hope to see some food reviews soon. Ditto on the horrible service witnessed here as well. Been to afraid to try the food so far based on what I've seen around me - ribs looked very average for $18 and nothing else looks very appetizing at non-cheap prices. Nice place for a beer/game, but not much else I think.
I don't see why it would be different from the other bokampers, where I hesitate to get anything but wings. It looks like Duffy's food. I've still never seen anyone eating ribs. A lot of sushi rolls. Am I going to order a sushi roll? No.
Why give the food a 3 rating if you would only consider eating the wings and haven't tried anything else?
My ratings are low enough without penalizing restaurants for putting things on the menu that I wouldn't want to true. I wouldn't order the cheese board at Big City Tavern, but that doesn't lower the score for their burgers and pizza.

All restaurants have good things and bad things. That's one of the reasons you read reviews. If the stuff I decide to try is lousy, I give a low rating. But should I kill a really good greasy spoon diner because their Hollandaise is sub par?
The valet parking or "line in-line out" was super. There were a zillion guys there to park your car and it all went very fast and very smooth! The inside is beautiful and BIG!! Plenty of room to move around. We ate by the water and what a great view and Florida breeze. My hats off to all the greeters and servers who had a lot to do for a new opening. Everyone of them was polite and SMILING!!!
My favorite menu item wasThai Mussels with red curry. I know the favorite for everyone else at a sports bar is ribs & wings...after all it is a sports bar with about 150 or more TV'S. But there is something for everyone!
Good luck to another SUPER BOKAMPER'S!
I've never seen anyone eating ribs at any Bokampers or Bru's room in many, many visits. The "reason" you don't order Salmon at a sports bar is because they don't have chefs; they have kids in ball caps flipping burgers.
I didn't like the fact they seem to have no beer/drink menu or info at all - including any prices whatsoever. I was surprised to find out post-order that my craft beer rang in at $9.50! This is higher than Las Olas- same beer at royal pig is $5.50 for same size. How much us a mixed drink? Couldn't tell you and service is awful. Also found food prices fairly high for this type if place. Definately a good addition - but certainly pricey for a sports bar and food looked just ok.
Mich Ultra was $4.75. I didn't check a menu yet. I want to go back when it's not packed.
They had a big VIP / friends party this past Saturday where a bunch of Miami Dolphins players and sports media / reporters were invited. I just checked their Facebook and it says tonight is the soft opening.
Great for the neighborhood , we need it
Training begins next week I hear.
It is a great asset to the North Shoppes area. We needed that here! We are happy and welcome them to our neighborhood!

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