Edelweiss Bakery and Deli

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2909 E Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 772-1529
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Last Review: 10/22/10


HoursM-F 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-4pm, Closed Sunday
ParkingPrivate Lot, Free and Metered

Critic's Review

When you're craving a pork cutlet schnitzel sandwich where are you going to go? If German is your first language you probably know the answer; you go to Edelweiss bakery and deli on E Commercial.

Now usually when places call themselves both a bakery and a Deli they're really just one or the other; but Edelweiss really is both. You can get pastries, cakes and cookies, or a pound of black forest ham.

Edelweiss Bakery Meat Display

Edelweiss Bakery Meat Display

The mark of a good German place is when most of the customers communicate with really tall counter people in German; and thats what's going on here. Its not unusual to find someone who has traveled a bit of a distance stocking up on their German fare; so you may wait awhile for someone with a big order.

They have a dining room here and they also have lunch specials every day; mashed potato stuffed meatloaf, swiss chicken schnitzel, bratwurst with white cabbage. So you can come here for lunch and eat in, or take home some cold cuts and cookies.

I just wanted a pork cutlet schnitzel on their homemade hearty rye bread.

Pork Cutlet Schnitzel on Rye

Pork Cutlet Schnitzel on Rye

Its a big cutlet; much too big for pretty big slices of rye bread. The sandwich comes with lettuce and tomato and mayo; it's a big sandwich for $5.95 and its just delicious. The only complaint is that the tomato slices weren't as ripe as they could be.

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Robb Kvasnak, PhDReply
Or if you are unlucky and ask one of the women who works there in German, you might get told in a very unfriendly way that she does NOT speak German, but rather English and Polish. That sort of hurt since German is my mother language and her way of telling me in front of other customers was nasty. But I must say that the sweets and bread are fantastic. You can also order just a cup of coffee or a "Kännchen", your own little pot, which I really liked. And their Leberkäse is great. I like the Mohnrolle, too.