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Jul 30th, 2019

Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Month 2019

Leave it to the clods at the Visitor's Bureau to create a disjointed and confusing program; for years they called it "Dine Lauderdale" and forced restaurants into a fixed program and a $35/per person menu, which led places to offer lunch items and appetizers as entrees to fit in. Now they allow restaurants to set their own price; prices range from $25pp to 50pp. It's basically just a program were restaurants pay a lot of money to advertise a fixed-price menu for 4-6 weeks.

Something bad this year is that the time period is kind of squishy.

August extending into September

Some places are only doing it in September. Some places exclude certain days. So you'll have to call ahead and confirm just about anywhere you go.

We've compiled a list of menus provided for the program. Many restaurants don't have a menu listed. Many are not in or even close to Fort Lauderdale. Some places (like YOLO) are just offering their regular summer menu; such places don't appear here. Capital Grille doesn't specify a price and has too many items that cost extra. Good Spirits forgot the price. We left them off.

There are a couple of compelling offerings. But as in previous years, most aren't really any better value than buying what you actually want off the regular menu.

A pretty good deal if you select the ribeye, which is usually $36. on its own.

Nothing at the Boathouse is worth $35.

Brown Dog Eatery

Nothing at the Brown Dog is compelling.

Doc B's fails with boring Entrees and no dessert I'd want to get for Free. And you can get a margartita for just $10 extra!

El Vez offers a Taco Dinner for $35. NEXT...

Etaru basically offering was was their $25 plus an appetizer and fruit for $45. How much longer can this place last?

Jackson's doesn't offer any of their interesting menu items. They're not getting me down there for this.

I can''t see eating a full dinner in this little shack.

Mastro' isn't offering anything worth the $45 price.

Morton's is offering their good sides; the creamed spinach + entree is worth $35 on its own.

This looks impressive but it's close to the lunch price for these items.

I'm not a fan of the menu at S3, but you might find enough things you want to try.

Don't let them rope you in the the "Wagyu"; this place isn't giving you any deals.

Is Pekin Duck a thing? Just say No to Wild Sea.

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