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Longhorn Steakhouse Davie FL


2375 S University Dr
Davie, FL 33324
(954) 476-9040
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Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorNo

Critic's Review

I was headed to the LongHorn the other day but diverted to Duffy's when I remembered that the Yankees had a day game. This Longhorn is about the same distance from downtown as their Fort Lauderdale location, and about as easy to get to; it's literally right off of 595 on University. The grounds are strangely overgrown; typically you don't want your big $5000 sign covered up by palm trees.

LongHorn Steakhouse is a member of the Darden Family, who also own Capital Grille, Olive Garden and Season's 52.

The first thing I noticed about this location was the smell; it wasn't a good smell. Unlike Fort Lauderdale, which has a big horseshoe bar in the front, this place has a nook that's clearly separate from the dining room, probably not a bad place to have a beer and a steak at the bar.

Longhorn Steakhouse Davie Bar

Longhorn Steakhouse Davie Bar

I prefer the dining room, this one isn't bad decor-wise. After 10 minutes or so you don't notice the smell. They have a lot of longhorn-related decorations.

Longhorn Steakhouse Davie Interior

Longhorn Steakhouse Davie Interior

They ask you if you want bread, I didn't but I got in anyway. It reminded me of the mini-loaf you get at Outback or Boulder Creek on Long Island. Kind of sweet, with a nice mound of soft buttter. >These steakhouses do the bread right.

Longhorn Steakhouse Bread

Longhorn Steakhouse Bread

They've added an "Under 500 calories" menu and their 7 oz flatiron steak had caught my eye. I also noticed that they added a Skirt Steak (Churrasco) with chimichurri, but I thought that a 6oz steak for $13.95 was a weak offering considering that you can get an 8oz at any Cuban place for $8.95 for lunch. I ordered the 7oz Flatiron with green beans.

They play country music; Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Chris Young. It's all very thematic. The steak comes out with minimal presentation.

Longhorn Steakhouse Fiatiron "Under 500" Entree

Longhorn Steakhouse Fiatiron "Under 500" Entree

One good thing about getting the bread is that you have a big thing of butter to lop onto your vegetables. The steaks here are seasoned, unlike the high end steakhouses that are afraid to offend the seasoning police. It has a nice flavor. I ordered the steak medium rare, and it came out leaning rare, but not bad.

Longhorn Steakhouse Flatiron Steak

Longhorn Steakhouse Flatiron Steak

The steak looked small, but it was enough for lunch. The beans were garbage; too skinny and too overdone; when beans are too skinny they're just all skin. And cut off the ends please; you're not being edgy by serving untrimmed beans.

This "meal" is listed at 400 calories; with the bread and butter it likely breached the 500 calorie threshold, but thankfully this isn't Season's 52; it was a pretty good steak.

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