Taverna Opa Coming to Downtown Delray

Last Activity: Apr 8th, 2014


The 75 Main experiment is over, and Taverna Opa will be taking over the space in the heart of downtown Delray Beach. With Luigi's opening in the old Paddy McGee's space, and a new Tequila Bar opening across from Racks, Delray is once again kicking the pants off of Fort Lauderdale.

Taverna Opa is known for belly dancers and dancing on the tables; the Fort Lauderdale location next to Shooters closed several years.

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That Restaurant guyReply
What a DISASTER this will be for Atlantic avenue, all of them have closed with the exception of Miami and Orlando - cant wait for them to close
Hollywood is still open, I believe.
Spartan JamesReply
Can't wait for it
Can't be worse than the last 3 places here. Between Luigi's, this place and the new Tequila Bar, Delray is looking up.