Himmarshee Public House

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Himmarshee Public House


201 Southwest 2nd St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 616-5275
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Critic's Rating

Last Review: 11/12/13


ParkingValet, Garage, Street Metered CCYes
AlcoholFull Bar OutdoorYes


Better than Porterhouse
Lot's of TVs


No Lunch Menu
Primarily a Bar
Too Expensive for a Pub

Critic's Review

Updated the menus; since the last review they're no longer open for lunch, and they've added a $12 meatless Cobb that you can get for $14 at Brunch, because well, brunch is more expensive than dinner. The menu defines the word "overreach"; I guess it makes the Himmarshee cretins feel like their foodies or something.

It's amazing how alike Falsetto and Gary Rack's restaurants; it's like they both read the same Amazon paperback on how to price gouge with big fonts and bullcrap marketing terms.

Review 11/12/13

One of the biggest problems with Fort Lauderdale is that the same handful of people keep opening up restaurants, so nothing ever changes. jump-->The decorations change, but its the same venues with a different look. The good thing is that we know what we're getting in advance without having to spend too much money.

I saw the place loaded with boxes and construction crews when I ate at Tarpon Bend a couple of weeks ago; this place has been one disaster after another so I didn't have much hope. When I walked in I was kind of surprised; they actually did some serious remodeling and it didn't look like a 3rd rate dance club.

Upon entering they have a hostess stand, but no hostess actually stationed there. With 2 other tables at 2pm I guess she was bored. The center of the place is a large, rectangular bar; but I didn't want to eat at the bar.

Public House Bar

Public House Bar

The staff here is typical downtown; kids who don't quite fit on Las Olas; I steered myself to a table with a view of the impressive 90" TV in the "Lounge".

Public House Lounge Area

Public House Lounge Area

They have a menu at the front door that almost caused me to turn away; If I hadn't dropped $1.50 in the meter already I probably would have left. Another Tap 42 or Pl8 Kitchen. What was I doing here? I finally spotted a "Greek Chop", which, unlike most of the other dishes, didn't seem to have any objectionable ingredients.>

I ordered an iced tea and the salad; I'd describe my server as overzealous; she was trying hard at least. I also ordered the pulled chicken, instructing her to leave it on the side so I could see the portion. She asked 3 times if I wanted it on the side. Ice Tea is pretty standard.

Pubic House Iced Tea

Pubic House Iced Tea

Music at Lunch Time is superb; with Journey and Cindi Lauper followed by Pat Benetar and Generation X's "Dancing with Myself". The salad came out shortly.

Public House Greek Chop

Public House Greek Chop

The bowl is a bit deceiving; it's bigger than it looked initially. Not really a greek salad, and I'm not sure why the peperoncini escaped the chopping. Still, someone please tell me why this is worth $10? Even the Chart House only charges $6.50 for a Peperoncini Salad.

The chicken was obviously disappointing.

Public House

Public House

"pulling" apart an unseasoned chicken breast is not pulled chicken. I guess I should have known better. The thimble of dressing was about half the amount needed for the salad; I asked for another thimble. I chopped the peperoncini myself; putting it all together, it was a decent salad.

Public House Greek Chop Ready to Eat

Public House Greek Chop Ready to Eat

The salad was more Italian than Greek, but it was fine. The bill came to $20.

The problem with this salad is as follows; if you think about it, this is about what you get at Chipotle for under $7; at Chipotle I can get as many beans as I want and grilled veggies too. It's difficult for me to want to spend $16 for it here.

The menu here is typical Fort Lauderdale; forced, overambitious and missing everything but a "Look at me, I'm a Chef!" tagline. This place is Tap 42 on the Strip; which from a food standpoint is about as exciting as a lunch bucket full of brussels sprouts.

The fallacy of Falsetto's marketing idea is that when you market with a false premise; eventually people will figure it out. Ultimately, Public House will be defined by it's crowd; they're clearly trying to tap into the success of the Royal Pig and American Social; except this isn't Las Olas. If it's filled with busboys with ball caps, which seems likely, then it will have limited appeal.

It remains to be seen how much this place will cannibalize the ROK:BRGR crowd; splitting regulars is a bit of a risk, although I can see eating at ROK and then coming over here to "Socialize"; which just may be the Plan.

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I thought about trying Brunch here, but their menu has no prices and they have weird shit like "chipotle maple sauce" that sealed the no deal.
Question of the day: Why do restaurants pay PR companies to beg for coverage when they can just buy advertising for 1/10th the cost?
It looks like the folks at the Public House didn't bother to get approval for their buildout. There is a process, people. You can't just slap a new sign on a restaurant and open up.
Tap42 wannabe. They even serve food on cutting boards. The girl serving us could barely talk through her tongue ring. Yikes!