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Sweet Nectar Las Olas


1017 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
954 761-2122
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Last Review: 12/05/13


HoursMon-Thu 11:30am-12am, Fri/Sat 11am-12am, Sun 11am-12am
Dress CodeNeat Casual ParkingStreet Metered
CCCash Only AlcoholFull Bar
OutdoorYes ReservationsYes

Critic's Review

Tundra was a bad idea run by people who had no idea how to run a restaurant. I don't get the concept of this one; the owner calls himself a "visionary"; but what I do get is that the menu I received was completely different than the one they have displayed on their web site. Menus do get out of date, but when you're open 3 weeks you don't get any slack for raising the price of a wedge salad from $8 to $12.

I didn't even know they were open; on a whim I took a drive down Las Olas to possibly do Rocco's, but I noticed that they were open.

They've built a bar outside, and replaced the snooty furniture with ultra-casual wood

Sweet Nectar Patio

Sweet Nectar Patio

There was no hostess; I just sat at a table and a server brought me over a piece of paper that was the menu. It was just one page, and missing most of the items that seemed interesting on the menu I saw on their website. There was a $12 burger and a $12 iceberg wedge salad; is the salad really $4 more at lunch than dinner? Or is the menu on their site just a load of hooey? There wasn't much to choose from, so I ordered the Skirt Steak with Chimichurri, which comes with either fries or a side salad. I ordered it medium rare with a salad. The skirt was $16, which is $6 more than the menu they have listed on their web site. Could they be charging me $6 for the salad? This seems backward; lunch is supposed to be less expensive than dinner. Iced tea is served in a gimmicky jar.

Sweet Nectar Iced Tea

Sweet Nectar Iced Tea

Music playing is pretty good with "Hey There Delilah" followed by Republic and Green Day. A women who was not my server brought out the food. There was a thimble of black liquid for the salad that looked like a balsamic vinaigrette (aka the cheapest dressing known to man); I asked if it was the only choice and she reluctantly agreed to bring me some blue cheese.

Sweet Nectar Skirt Steak Lunch

Sweet Nectar Skirt Steak Lunch

When she brought back the blue cheese, I noticed that there was no salt and pepper on the table. Another "vision", to use confectioners sugar shakers for salt in pepper. They're really too wide as you pretty much salt half your plate at a time, but I was careful not to salt the salad.

The steak was skinny and over done; Im not sure how you can cook a 1/8" steak to medium rare. I didn't like the "special" chimichurri; it was sweet. I think the red things were pimentos. Nothing like the garlicky Argentinean stuff. The blue cheese dressing was good but it was difficult to eat the salad. I don't really like eating off of a tray with no place like I'm in the Army or some soup kitchen. Soup Kitchens probably have plates.

An indication of lack of restaurant prowess is that the steak was served on a piece of paper; what a great idea. When you cut the steak, you tear the paper to shreds. I had to remove the paper in order to properly cut the steak. Some Olive oil could have helped to improve the chimichurri.

When I got the bill, I was thrilled but not surprised that the iced tea was $4.

So what we have here is another $20 lunch on Las Olas with smallish portions, mediocre food, no bread and no extras on the table that's worth about $12. Why am I not surprised?

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Fake reviews are rolling in on their facebook page.
They finally filed their application; I guess they figured out that you can't just slap a new sign on a restaurant without letting anyone know.
I searched on the Florida DBPR website and it appears that they don't even have an active alcoholic beverage license? How can they serve alcohol [full bar] without one? Seems odd.
It's still under Tundra. Check out:


They got nailed for operating without a license on January 14 and a bunch of other things. They'll be paying some fines.
Just for the record concerning (potentially) fake reviews, as pointed out by AmyB. One of the 5 star reviewers, who just about went ape-shit over Sweet Nectar, also went bananas over a restaurant in N Miami Beach. That person's only 2 reviews on Yelp.

Maybe it's a matter of unbelieveably incredible coincidence, but both restaurants seem to be owned by the same person, Alex Podolnyy.

So much for trusting reviews from "diners". However, on the bright side - those lame and ridiculously over the top reviews stick out like a sore thumb.
Biased reviews on Yelp? #SurprisedFaceHere
Another lousy restaurant in this spot... who would've guessed? I guess thats what happens when you're in such a hurry to open you don't plan, train... or hire a decent chef. Lots of amazing (fake) reviews already popping up all over for this place. Disappointing.