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giraffas andrews

Giraffas on Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale


6322 N Andrews Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
954 491-3500
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Last Review: 02/22/14


HoursSun-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri - Sat 11am-12am
ParkingPrivate Lot CCYes
AlcoholWine and Beer OutdoorNo
ReservationsNo DeliveryNo

Critic's Review

Giraffas is opening multiple locations in or near Fort Lauderdale; I'd previously visited the Pembroke Pines location to check them out. The Fort Lauderdale location next to Fresh Market is taking forever; I was surprised to learn that this one opened a few weeks ago. jump-->I was on my way to somewhere else and just stopped by to see the progress and noticed they were open.

This place has the semi-service model like Pei Wei or Gilberts or the modern burger joints; you order and pay at the counter and then sit down and someone brings your food. No tipping, or at least I've never seen anyone leave a tip.

Steak and beans fit my diet, I had the Maminha steak a Pembroke, so I ordered a 5oz Picanha. You get 3 sides and a sauce for $10.90; I got black beans, a small salad, grilled vegetables and chimichurri sauce.

This location has beepers with a number on it, so you can't put it in the metal giraffe holder on the table. The beeper never went off, btw.

The setup is exactly the same as the Pembroke store; when you expand rapidly there isn't time to redesign every store. There's a counter for solo dining. On a Saturday, this place was pretty dead.

Giraffas on Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale

Giraffas on Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale

It sort of bridges the gap between fast food and fine dining.

Giraffas Andrews Dining Room

Giraffas Andrews Dining Room

They have an iced tea "machine" where you can choose either unsweetened black or sweetened green, but no lemon out. They only have limes, but you have to ask for them.

The food arrived shortly; my "server" wanted me to check my steak before he skid away, which is difficult when you have to take a picture first. I cut it to see the color; they seem to have medium rare down.

Giraffas Picanha Grill

Giraffas Picanha Grill

The food was fine. They didn't have a good choice of salad dressings, and I'd prefer LETTUCE to these weeds. Also, the grilled vegetables are bad choices; this is like a contrived shish-kabob. vegetables should be steamed or sautéed. Grilled grape tomatoes are just mush.

The steak is in the same genre as sirloin; no better or worse than the lunch steaks you get elsewhere. Certainly a good deal for the price.

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