McNab's Dockside

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McNab's Dockside


200 E McNab Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
954 796-8555
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Last Review: 11/13/14


HoursTue-Thu 4pm-11pm, Fri 4pm-Close, Sat 4pm-Close Sun 9am-10pm
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar


Sort of Waterfront Location
Free Parking


Amateurish Service
Canal view overcome by Road Noise. No Boats.
Weak, Overpriced Menu

Critic's Review

I said I wasn't going to review this "restaurant", but I saw that they were open for lunch and figured I might be able to get to try something at a better price. I was wrong.

I was welcomed with a pseudo American Flag at the entrance; American Flags have 50 stars; anything else is a mockery. I arrived at exactly 2pm and walked into a completely empty restaurant. Well, except for the 2 employees. There's a hostess in the middle, and a lounge area to the left.


McNab's Lounge

On a nice day in the low 80s, I thought that it might be nice to sit "dockside". Except that the dockside tables are on the other side of the road. I was concerned that service would be clunky, or that my server would be hit by a car while trying to deliver my food. So I opted to sit in the patio.


McNab's Dockside Tables

I ordered an iced tea and took a menu; tea was delivered without a spoon or sweeteners. I asked for the latter.

$3 Iced Tea

$3 Iced Tea

I was kind of appalled and surprised that they don't have a lunch menu. The same overpriced dinner menu that I'd rejected previously as something I wanted to try. On their website they mention "lunch specials"; my server rattled off a few things: chips with guacamole, some sort of fritter, soup; no entrees, all without prices. Great.


McNab's Patio

You know there's a problem when you're in a restaurant and you can't decide between $11 wings and $11 cheeseburger. The menu is different from the one they have on their web site; they've dropped the .95 and rounded the numbers. They've also actually raised their already silly prices: $29 for snapper at lunch. They've added a lobster roll for $20. Am I in South Beach? I ordered a cheeseburger, medium rare with a side salad with blue cheese. "Are Fries OK with that?", she queried. "Are they included", I asked. "You get a side". "I said I wanted a side salad". "Oh, OK". Yeah.

I really wanted to leave; I was thinking to myself that this place has no chance of getting people here for lunch with this menu and these prices. There was very low music playing: All Bob Marley all the time. They're trying to create a tropical ambiance. Unfortunately the constant road noise ruins everything; McNab road is kind of a main road.


McNab's Road Proximity

I wanted to get a shot of the lounge, so I went to the bathroom while waiting for the burger. The burger was just coming out as I got inside, so I knew it would be waiting when I got back.


McNab's Dockside Cheeseburger w/Side Salad

When I sat down, I almost snickered, as the burger and salad was served with no utensils. I flagged her down and asked for a roll-up. Then I needed salt and pepper; flagged her down again. Like I was the first customer they ever served. How can you serve the only person sitting in a restaurant and not notice that there's no roll-up on the table?

The menu they have on their website says this comes with a brioche roll and fries; now it comes with a kaiser roll and a choice of side. I'm sure the salad was better than fries or their cole slaw. A pickle spear was included as well.


McNab's Dockside Cheeseburger

The burger was cooked correctly medium rare, but for some reason it seemed dry. Maybe they're using too lean meat; I usually like kaiser rolls but I ended up eating this with a knife and a fork; it may have been a day or 2 old. I'd say this was 5 or 6 ounces. A nice, juicy burger might have saved the day, but this didn't do it. No seasonings. I did use some of the red onions to improve the salad.

$3 for iced tea, because well, this is a very high end restaurant.

As I was cashing out, a young couple sat down behind me and I heard the dude saying that he was only in town for 2 days. I was thinking: 2 days in Fort Lauderdale and you come HERE for lunch?


I can spot a restaurant that has no chance a mile away, and I spotted this one right off. They've confirmed their lack of understanding of everything by opening for lunch with a menu that couldn't even compete in a good neighborhood. If I want to pay these prices, I could go to Kaluz or Shooters or Coconuts; why would I want to come here?

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It is a shame this place did not make it. They were given bad advice because the bar was definitely in the wrong location. Should have had the dining room where the bar was, anyway we were hoping it was going to make it, walking distance from our house. Definitely overpriced and the food wasn't to good. Glad Burger N Suds a little further East is making it, just wish they would put in a better wine menu. After all it is a beer and wine pub!
The confederate flags didn't help.
You were spot on with this review, as usual. I feel bad for them, but it was a bad idea from the start.
McNab's Dockside looks closed to me. Went by on Friday light and the place was closed with a UPS delivery notice attempt posted to the door dated Wed. No notice about closed for vacation, etc. Maybe they finally ran out of money????
Indicator 1: Their liquor license expired on 3/31 and they didn't renew it. 2: Their facebook page is gone 3: Their web site is gone. Indicator 4: Their phone is disconnected.
Didn't these people run out of money yet? Hard to believe that they thought this was a good idea.
I think they are still in denial, but they are trying hard. They now have (lame) music outside. Not a nice spot for an supposedly upscale restaurant, and the Pompano Canal is not the true Intracoastal so only a few small boats can make it, and I've never seen a boat docked at McNab's.
Robert PhaneufReply
Sorry, the food is overpriced and not that good. We have tried it a three times because of their nice location. Our bill was wrong the last two times we ate there, and the manager didn't seem to care.
We enjoy eating out, but having to discuss an incorrect bill seems to take all of the joy from dining out.
We wish them luck, but we have decided to never go back there again.
I haven't been but, looking at the menu and the venue, it looks like the wrong type of food for the main entrees. Also, $12.95 for a chicken sandwich is more than on Las Olas--skip the bacon, cheese, etc., put those as add on charges. I am disappointed as I had hoped for another place to bring my pups! I will give it a try and write back............
They probably should have gone more casual. It says they have a valet?