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dawg house pompano

Dawg House in Pompano


1308 N Federal Hwy
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
(954) 781-1955
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Last Review: 08/09/13


Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholNone
Entree PricesInexpensive OutdoorNo
ReservationsNo DeliveryNo

Critic's Review

This place changed hands earlier this year, so as I was driving by I thought I'd grab a couple of dawgs. Prices are up a bit, but their website seems broken so I couldn't get their current prices. It's not $3.49 for a Chicago Dog and $3.19 for a new Kraut Dog, which is really what a NY dog should be. It seems that people outside of NY don't know that NYer's take EITHER onions or sauerkraut on their Dog; not both.

The place is actually pretty big; they even have booths and they'll bring your food out to you. So you can just order at the counter and sit down and they'll bring it out.


I ordered "one of each": a Kraut Dog and a Chicago Dog, to see how they compared.

Dawg House Hot Dogs (2013)

Dawg House Hot Dogs (2013)

I don't think the vienna dogs work with kraut; Sabrett's were a lot better, and these buns are too much bread for this size hot dog. I didn't really like the mustard and the kraut wasn't very sour. If you got this on the streets of NY you'd throw it back at the guy; but of course you wouldn't get one like this.>

The Chicago Dog was well constructed with sport peppers on steroids; the negative was a thin slice of cucumber/pickle that didn't add the pickle flavor, and very unripe tomatoes.

Neither one of these dogs thrilled me. If you come here, try something else.

review 12/15/2010

I was driving back from Boca and saw a sign for a place called the "Dawg House" so how could I resist? I was looking for a snack and nothing fits the snack mold better than a hot dog.

Inside, they have some tables so it's not just a hot dog stand; you can certainly eat inside here.

Dawg House Inside

Dawg House Inside

I ordered a Chicago Dog and a Kraut Dog, which is just mustard and sauerkraut. They were ready in about 2 minutes.

Dawg House Hot Dogs (2010)

Dawg House Hot Dogs (2010)

I didn't go for the Jumbo dogs, which you can get for $1 more. The verdict? They're pretty good dogs. Nothing spectacular. But I liked the Chicago dog, and the sauerkraut was fresh and not too runny.

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