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Nacho Bizness


421 SE 2nd St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
954 305-1758
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HoursM-Th 11:30-2:30, 7:30-10pm
Dress CodeCasual ParkingStreet
AlcoholNone Entree PricesInexpensive
OutdoorYes ReservationsNo

Critic's Review

Nacho Bizness is one of those cult-type places that I just don't get, but I hadn't been there for awhile so I thought I'd try again. He's moved from the bowels of Andrews Ave to the middle of a parking lot in front of Citibank Downtown, so it's a lot more convenient. But you will have to pay to park.

Nacho Bizness in Citibank Parking Log

Nacho Bizness in Citibank Parking Log

I'm not crazy about any of the standard recipes, but they had no specials, so I ordered the Jerk Chicken (The Marley) and the Skirt Steak (The Rodeo) tacos, to go. It takes about 10 minutes to make them.

The tacos are smallish; these 2 came to $7. which is about what you'd pay in a restaurant for tacos.

Nacho Bizness Tacos

Nacho Bizness Tacos

These look like they should be bursting with flavor, but they're just not that tasty. 2 years later, I got exactly the same impression I did before; there's just no pop in these. I tasted a piece of jerk chicken; it had a mild jerk taste, not too spicy. But all of the slaw overpowered rather than complemented the meat, and there wasn't that much meat.
Nacho Bizness

Nacho Bizness

The Rodeo is skirt steak with a corn and black bean salsa, but the meat wasn't seasoned enough and the whole thing was just bland.

Nacho Bizness "Rodeo" Taco

Nacho Bizness "Rodeo" Taco

I'm not sure where the people who rave about this place usually eat, but I honestly don't think the tacos are anything special. Add to that the fact that they're small, and 2 tacos leaves you thinking about getting a sandwich, I can't recommend Nacho Bizness. Although it is better than Hot Tomatos.

Review 3/17/11

With rent's skyrocketing and more people trying to come up with ways to make money, food trucks are becoming more and more popular. There's one in Fort Lauderdale in an industrial area where you'd never find it if you didn't know it was there.

It's not far from Downtown Fort Lauderdale so I thought I'd try them out. Being St Patrick's day, they have green tacos and a special taco with Corned Beef and Cabbage slaw; but there's a reason that people only eat corned beef on St Pats, so I passed on the CB.

Nacho Bizness St Patrick

Nacho Bizness St Patrick's Day Tacos

The tacos are pretty small; but they put quite a bit of stuff in them and they're only $5 for 2. They have the "2 for $5" crossed off on their price list on the truck, but that's what they charged me. I was pretty anxious to bite into these (unlike you, I can't eat until I get a picture).

But I have to admit that they were both disappointing. There's something wrong with the tacos. They were falling apart; even a double taco couldn't hold together, and they just didn't taste good. Too doughy for a taco. From the ingredients I thought that the Korean pulled pork would be a melody of flavors, but it really wasn't. They looked a lot better than they tasted.

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Try the taco truck that is parked on SR-84 just east of 95 next to the VFW Lodge. I think its called Tropical Taco's or something like that.
I don't go out of my way for Food Trucks. The idea that they charge as much as a sit down restaurant doesn't make any sense to me.