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299 S Pompano Pkwy
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
(954) 969-8082
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HoursM-Th 11am-11pm, FriSat 11am-12am, Sun 10am-10pm
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorNo
ReservationsNo DeliveryNo

Critic's Review

I haven't been to a Ruby Tuesday's in 10 years, and frankly I had no intention of doing so until yesterday when I started researching Burgers for my article. I was going to head down to Steak 954 to sample their burger; but then I noticed that it wasn't "prime". Morton's isn't open at lunch and I rarely want a burger for dinner. So the only place I could find with a prime burger for lunch was Ruby Tuesday.

There's one in Mizner Plaza and I figured I go there one day, but then I saw a coupon for 25% off. So I figured I'd give it a try. I noticed that there was a location in Pompano near the Race Track.

Now Ruby's have always been pretty dingy and this location is no different.


What I do like about Ruby's is the salad bar. Normally I wouldn't get the salad bar with a burger, but this was not to be missed. The salad bar here was clean and everything was well organized and looked fresh. They have the really good, thick, chunky blue cheese here.

Ruby Tuesday Salad Bar

Ruby Tuesday Salad Bar

The salad was great. You put good blue cheese dressing on a bunch of cool, fresh lettuce and cukes and you've got yourself something enjoyable. I had ordered the "triple" prime cheeseburger medium rare; the menu says it comes with 2 sides. The waitress seemed to agree and I ordered Fries and Green Beans. I didn't really want the fries, but I thought I'd try them. When they brought the food, they only brought the beans. The server who brought the food didn't seem to know that it came with 2 sides, but he brought me the fries anyway.

To start with the sides, the beans were terrible. They grill raw beans and you get charred raw beans. I'm guessing that they just don't know how to make them yet; I think it's a new menu item. You definitely don't want the beans. The fries were also lousy; no seasoning, barely warm. A total waste of calories.

Ruby Tuesday Prime Burger

Ruby Tuesday Prime Burger

Looking at the burger, I just don't see that this is a half pound burger. The 1/2 pound burger I got yesterday was quite a bit bigger. I'd say this was 1/3 pound. I know, they tell you it's 1/2 pound "before cooking". But how do you know? Regardless, this burger was cooked just right, and it was really greasy and good. The cheese wasn't fully melted and it was a pretty thin slice, but overall I really liked the burger, even after eating the whole salad and a few fries.

My server was pretty good, but she had a big table by herself and service was slow. It wasn't her fault, but the restaurant loses a half star. When you have to wait for a server to take 12 orders at the next table there's something wrong.

The verdict here is get a prime burger and try some sides other than the green beens and fries. Or just come in for the Salad bar and load up a plate with veggies and blue cheese dressing.

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