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6000 Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33431
(561) 392-2141
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Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorYes


Out of all the chain options available at the Boca Raton Town Center, the Grand Lux Cafe beats out all sans the Capital Grille thanks it to its delicious Cedar Planked BBQ Salmon. While the bread is nothing to ride home about, and the pot roast here is downright horrific, the barbecue salmon is one of the best dishes one can find at a chain restaurant. It has just the right amount of sauce on it, and is prepared meticulously on a wooden cedar plank. In addition, the salmon is tastier than at most restaurants and a hearty portion of it is served with the dish.

While many of the other entrees here are mediocre at best, you can't go wrong with the barbecue salmon!Normally we really like this restaurant. My daughter saw one near us so we decided to stop in for a late lunch before she got on the road to go back to school. Four of us sat at a booth near the bar, our waitress took our drink order quickly. We all chose different lunch items. The waitress was very nice and friendly, although she did forget a drink and it did wind up taking fifteen minutes to get it.

So the food, I ordered the Pasta Fresca lunch portion, with a side salad. All of our food arrives finally after about 30 minutes or so. My pasta dish looked so dry and it looked like it sat at the window for a long time before being brought out. I tell the waitress, she looks at it and says "yeah, it really looks very dry". She then ask me if I would like them to make a fresh batch. My reply " Agghhh, yes that would be nice". The rest of my party started to eat and everything was just OK, not like we are use to. My dish finally arrives, looked hot.

I start to eat it and realize this dish just probably got taken back and tossed in some olive oil and microwaved, that is basically how it taste. The manager walks over to me and say's " What was the problem with your dish?" Really dude, I was quite taken back at how he presented the question to me. I explained how dry the dish was and he jumped in and said "well we made a fresh batch, enjoy, then walked away. No apologies, no how do you like your meal? Nothing, and really my answer would have been "it sucks"......

Really disappointed in the food here. We paid our bill, which was not cheap, left and realized what a crappy crappy lunch we all just had for a good amount of money....meh!!It's a chain. BUT IT'S GOOD!!

Seriously! The bbq salmon over a wooden slab is awesome; served with onion rings and mashed potatoes.

And the desserts are (as cheesy TV commercials say) "decadent".

Gaudy and fun and tasty. Very American!I loved it here. The food and the service was really great.If you're wondering why Americans are so fat, you can satiate your curiosity a bit by eating at the Grand Lux Cafe.

The food doesn't taste like anything, but that's okay. What this place lacks in food, it makes up in portion. The portions are very big. Two or three people can feast off of one plate, as this place has the biggest portions I have ever seen!

If you're in the Boca mall area, just eat at Cheesecake instead. It's just a five minute walk from here and you'll have a much better experience.This is a blind date restaurant. They say that it's fabulous with lots of personality. When you get together, you start to think that the person who fixed you up is the smartest and best human being in the world, but, by the end of the evening, all of the quirks and personality warts are there, and you now know why blindfolds should be a requiement of blind dates.

Such is the case for this Grand Lux Cafe, a tony looking establishment with a menu full of tantilizing treats. From start to finish though, the warning signs of disaster were everywhere.

The floor was covered with a polish or oil that turned it into a skating rink unless your shoes had a deep tread. I nearly killed myself twice getting to the table.

Once there the table was set badly, and it took a manager to obtain knives to butter the bread which had been delivered about ten minutes earlier.

I made the mistake of trying their Tapas menu, which included some duck potstickers that were fried in oil that had cooled so they were incredibly greasy, as was the vegetable tempura, which, to add insult to injury, was accompanied by an aioli that, unlike a tempura dip which cuts the fattiness, just let the whole dish wallow in grease.

My shrimp and white bean salad had a vinaigrette that was not stirred up before it was applied so it was almost all oil and incredibly bland. I tried to add salt and the salt shaker opened all over the salad. The waiter informed me that this was the fourth such salting of the day.

MANAGERS OF THIS PLACE: I've been to very good Grand Lux Cafes before. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. This kind of rotten service and sloppy cooking I had a year ago when I tried this location last. Fool me once, shame on me... Fool me twice and I'm not coming back.

There's a Cheesecake Factory across the parking lot. Same company, but a level of service and cooking head-and-shoulders over this place. GO THERE.We hit the Lux for breakfast on a sunday or dinner on a weeknight always sit at the bar as we get better service and do not have to wait for a table. Food is great the Eggs Benedict has a great twist ham instead of the thin canadian bacon. Good wines by the glass and huge selection of food.For the price you'd be better off going to Cheesecake Factory. Not really impressed.Better service then the location in Sunrise. Food is equally as good. Location... I love (what could be better then shopping at the mall and having Grand Lux connected?). The line can get long. Surprisingly enough not as bad as the Cheesecake Factory right next to it. Out of the 2 Grand Lux's I like this one the best.
The Asian nachos are a MUST TRY! The Molten Cake dessert is another must! All the other dishes you can't go wrong with.It looks like Boca has jumped on the Grand Lux bandwagon. It's located within the Town Center Mall, which seems to be where I spend most of my time when I go back home to Boca. I tried to go here a few days in the past few months, but the place was absolutely packed with New Yorkers. I don't enjoy waiting for any meal...and I especially don't want to wait for a large chain like Grand Lux.

As far as the's pretty much the same as the other Grand Lux locations I've been up. Once inside I wouldn't know if I was in Boca, Chicago, or Vegas (the first Grand Lux I ever visited). While this restaurant is very factory-like (not surprising since they are owned by the Cheesecake Factory) they do a few things right: their bread was soft and warm (always seems to be) and I do happen to really like their salmon lunch special (both the miso salmon and grilled salmon are very good). My grandmother seemed happy with her pizza as well. And there were a trillion servers looking after our table.

One thing I've always loved about Grand Lux is that they serve fresca. I'm a huge fresca fan and it's not easy to find this soft drink! But I learned today that Grand Lux has replaced fresca with coke zero...sooo disappointing! Bring back the fresca!!

Not my first choice, but while in the mall I'd go long as there isn't a wait.I don't know what harlequin clown vomited up the decor of this place but it was obviously after a week long binge of glitter and purple taffeta. Once you're eyes acclimate to the blinding glory of gilded columns and stained glass mosaic you will notice the cross-section of young transplants from New York, old New Yorkers with transplants, and transplanted tranny-looking face-lifted beauty queens of eras long past.

If you've manged to keep your composure and appetite after the onslaught of the preserved lemon face customers and hideous decor you may or may not be approached by a staff member with a chipper attitude and dead, dead eyes. Said staff member will ask if you've ever eaten here before. (This is when I knew things were going down hill). You will then be instructed on how to use the menu (as if you've never read a menu or ordered food on your own) and informed that the Grand Lux Cafe is owned by The Cheesecake Factory. This means that they will push you to order a dessert before you start eating to ensure that you gorge your face and contribute to the obesity epidemic.

After you've eaten the waiter will steal your credit card. If you go back after an hour of shopping the waiter will not have turned your card into the manager so you need to track that person down and get your credit card back from them.

Avoid the Grand Lux Cafe.Food is excellent, very tasty, always fresh, huge portions. I go here a lot since i work at the mall. the food comes out after a little bit of a wait, but there's enough bread to hold you over. The service has been great for me over all and Ive been here probably 50 times this year.

They have a great mini-bar menu that has smaller portions and much smaller prices, that's only on weekdays for a few hours in the late afternoon, i think from 2-6 possibly? definitely worth checking out

i dint know about some peoples experiences with credit cards here but every single time i pay with a credit card, my waiter/waitress takes my card and is back in no more then 1 minute..every time..I'm often surprised at the speed.Love this place except the help isn't quite helpful. I went a couple of Sunday's ago and it was 11:45 and we wanted some Bloody Mary's. They can't serve drinks until 12, understandable. We had to order our driniks 3 times b/c the server kept forgetting. They never come by to see how things are going. I do have to say the Asian Nachos are amazing!!!
It's a glorified cheescake factory (they are owned by them).The food is okay, but the service here is a mess.
We had to flag our server down to get silverware on the table, it took at least 45 minutes to get our food and the place was not terribly busy.
Grand Lux is also not the place to go to have a decent conversation, the place is huge with high ceilings, so it feels as if you sit in an echo chamber.Give me a choice between Grand Lux and the Cheesecake Factory, and I will choose the latter every time.

It's incredibly loud inside. I have sat in different sections, and only in the bar could I hear the person I was with - in the main dining room, my conversation mostly consisted of, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

I've been here three times, each time expecting it to be better than my last visit. I know so many people who love this place, that I figure I just ordered the wrong thing. I guess I've ordered three wrong things.

I can't remember what I ordered when I first came here. I know I wasn't impressed. The second time, I split the Asian nachos with my friend, and ordered a turkey sandwich. The Asian nachos were good for the first two bites. After that, they were sickeningly sweet and I couldn't bear to eat any more. The turkey sandwich was nothing to write home about, and the bread was toasted so much that it made the roof of my mouth start peeling. My last visit, I kept it simple and got the caesar salad. She asked if I wanted it chopped or not. I said no - admittedly, this was my mistake, I didn't really know what it would mean. I got a bunch of very long stalks of romaine lettuce. My arms hurt at the end from cutting my salad. The dressing was good, but it was completely dry on the top and drenched on the bottom. This annoyed me, since I couldn't see there was more dressing pooled underneath, so I ate a bunch of dry lettuce. Then when I worked my way down farther, the lettuce was soggy from too much. It had the potential to be a good salad though, and if I go here again, I'll give it another try - CHOPPED this time.

I will say I always enjoy the sourdough bread they serve. It's delicious, and I like it more than the bread at the Cheesecake Factory.

Also, the bartenders are very friendly - I got a split of champagne here after a long day of shopping and they put a strawberry on top of my glass... a nice touch.

I'll most likely be coerced into coming back here, since everyone I go with ends up enjoying it more than I do. I'm hoping the fourth time will be the charm.Not my first time here, but won't be rushing back. We were celebrating our uncle's 81st birthday and we wanted to take them somewhere a little nicer and this was a good meeting place from Delray and Ft. Lauderdale. My aunt uses a walker and after we were seated, they took it and stuck it behind the hostess desk. When we were done and she asked for her walker, the waitress had the audacity to tell she could get it at the desk, DUH, did she not realize the woman can't walk, so hence she needs here walker. I was shocked at first and thought she was kidding, but the waitress walked away. My daughter got up and fetched the walker for her, but I was dumbfounded the waitress didn't get it, or at least get someone to bring it to her. I thought this was a bad economy and people needed money, so why would she be so flippant.
The food to me is usually very good.
I had the bento box, for $15, it came with a small salad, soup, piece of salmon, on mashed potatoes and asparagus. The soup was average and the waitress told me it was to die fo, but it wasn't. My uncle ordered the Max burger and he didn't really enjoy it, said it was very average and the fries were not cooked well.
Since it was his birthday, we insisted he get a dessert, and that was a hit with him. He had the Banana Cream Pie Tart and it was really delicious. He said it was the best part of the meal, so I was happy about that.
The other meals at the table looked good, the girls had omlettes, which all looked good, and they were able to have small salads instead of fries. I was just disappointed that the waitress gave us this major "tude" after the meal and left my poor aunt hanging. Shame Shame Shame....
There are a lot of other great places in Boca to eat, and right around the corner they are putting in the Capital Grille, so wake up service people and go the extra mile.I thought this place was terrific. We were four adults and we all loved our experience here. The service was excellent. We had a waitress named Katie. She was honest and extremely efficient. The bread served was great and was refilled with warm fresh baked bread twice without us asking. We all oredered soup which we all liked and we oredered two salads which the waitress rightly told us would be enough to share. We had to try a desert so we selected the apple crisp which we all liked and was enough to share. I had never eaten here before but I have now found a new favorite restaurant to which I will be returning often with friends. The restaurant offers a vast menu and at reasonable prices, especially in Boca.-->

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