Tomasso's Pizza & Subs

Last Activity: May 14th, 2011

tomassos boca


1229 W Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33486
(561) 392-8985
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Last Review: 01/23/11


Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholBeer and Wine Only
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorYes
ReservationsNo DeliveryYes

Critic's Review

I was trying to find a place on the way back from where I was at and I came up with Tomasso's. It's been around a long time. The place is located in a pit-stop; an annoying stretch of one-way road off W Palmetto that has this little strip mall and a gas station. So if you turn into the road just west of it you can't get to it. I had to get back onto W Palmetto and waste some gas doing u-turns.

The place itself is your typical pizzeria/dump. There were a bunch of people watching the Jets/Steelers game so I won't kill them for their lack of enthusiasm. My pie was ready when I arrived so I just paid and blew the scene.

Tomassos Boca Raton x-large Pizza

Tomassos Boca Raton x-large Pizza

I ordered the extra large, an 18" pie, mainly because 18" is the correct size for a pizza. Unfortunately, they cut it in to 12 slices.Who cuts a pie into 12 slices? They ruined the foldability of the slices.

Overall, the pizza was pretty good, but certainly nothing to rush to order again. It was "OK" as pizza goes. For a family value, this 65% more food than than you get at Tucci's or Steve's for less money. Food for thought.

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