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1 N Federal Hwy Suite 35
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
954 522-3777
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HoursM-Sat 7am-10pm, Sun 7am-9pm
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Energy kitchen is closed, proving once again that you can't pass off "lean" burgers and sugary fruit smoothies as Health Food.


Energy Kitchen opened a few months ago in the space previously occupied by the Chicken Kitchen. EK is a franchise operation out of New York with just 2 locations in Florida currently. The concept here is that everything is under 500 calories; sort of like the same gimmick that drives Seasons 52.

The decor is sleek modern; much different than the drab Chicken Kitchen.


The have their menus on flat screen TVs; on my first visit, I ordered the Bison Cheesesteak Wrap. One unpleasantry was was you have a choice of whole wheat or multi-grain; sort of like a choice between hanging and a firing squad. They give you a beeper while you wait.jump-->

Energy Kitchen Beeper

Energy Kitchen Beeper

One issue with their TV menus is that is that they don't explain the sides policy, or at least not very clearly. So when the counterperson asked if I wanted to add sides or a drink, I didn't know what it was going to cost me. So I passed. As it turns out, 2 sides can be added for $2.99. I don't really need creamed spinach or mashed potatoes with a wrap.


The first thing I noticed when I cut open the wrap was that there was no cheese. If there was cheese, there was so little that it couldn't be found. Maybe it vaporized? I took a couple of bites and I'm sorry, but unseasoned meat with no cheese is just not edible. I had to season it and melt some cheese to get it to an edible state, which of course kicks up the calorie count. With cheese and salt it was a little better. This illustrates a simple fallacy of the "healthy" food gimmick; reducing calories by leaving off the stuff that makes food taste good doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather have 3 bites of a real cheesesteak sandwich than what I got here.

I thought about returning to Energy Kitchen, but the more I looked at the menu, the more ridiculous it became. A place that is trying to pass off "healthy" burgers and fries. Sort of like "baked" potato chips. They use leaner meats like sirloin for their burgers; sirloin burgers always taste bad. So I decided to try a smoothie. I ordered the "vaccinator", which has orange juice, a banana, strawberries, vitamin C and non-fat vanilla yogurt. Apparently you don't get a beeper with a smoothie; maybe there's a $5 minimum. So I just wandered off with my receipt and hoped they remembered me.


It was bigger than I thought it would be; this is the "original" size at Jamba Juice. With these ingredients, it had no choice but to taste good. But here's the problem; according to their nutrition info, this smoothie has 69 carbs. And these aren't slow carbs; this is sugar. And no matter how you spin it, sugar is not healthy.

The entire concept of the Energy Kitchen is the false premise that if you avoid fat, you're eating "healthy". It's not the truth, so you might as well eat food that tastes good.

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Just seeing that Bison Wrap pic brings back all the horror of my 1 experience there. Bu-by!
Tried just this past Saturday with my family and we all found it totally disappointing! 2 kids chicken breats meals were literally 1/2 chicken breast ,sliced on a small bed of lettuce. No sauce, no nothing. I found it very expensive and the food was taseless. We will not be back!
They're trying to sell the place as a good place to work because they have big tables and no customers. It's hilarious. Will they make it through the summer?
bobby eyesReply
IVE been there twice and found the burgers taste like cardboard and the menu very confusing and way overpriced...I give the place 6 months,,,,Good riddance...
I really wanted to like this place, but the food really isn't very good. Small portions and tasteless food. Not a good combination.