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OB House Fort Lauderdale 6/2015


333 Himmarshee Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
954 530-7520
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Last Review: 06/19/15


HoursM-F 7am-2pm, Sat/Sun 8am-3pm
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCyes AlcoholWine and Beer
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorYes
ReservationsNo DeliveryNo


Good, Consistent Food
Good Music
Free Parking


Some Dishes Wildly Overpriced
Brunch Prices 7 days a week
Rude Service.
No Refills. Extra Charge for Extras. No Substitutions.

Insider Tips

Get here around 11am or 2pm during the week to avoid the nonsense.

Critic's Review

I was going to go to OB/House for a late breakfast so I decided to check their menu. I was astounded that their regular breakfast: 2 eggs, roasted potatoes, sausage or bacon and toast is now $14! This is what you get for $6.95 at most breakfast places. When they first opened that dish was $9 here.

Ely has abandoned dinner. A breakfast place downtown should do well late night, but not at $14 for eggs. Ely's prices are now too high to recommend for breakfast. What's interesting is that his lunch prices aren't too bad.

I stopped by at 11:30 on a Friday and the lot was pretty full. I thought if I got there before 12 it would be no problem, but I guess people are already in brunch mode on Friday. There were 4 empty tables outside, 2 couples waiting, and they said it was a 20 minute wait. I left.

Review 3/14/14

I'd been to the OB House a few times, but never for lunch. When they first opened, they only had a couple of lunch choices; but now they've expanded the menu so I figured I'd try something.jump-->

If you don't know about the O/B House; the place is all about the quirky owner, Rodney Ely. There are all sorts of rules at Ely run restaurants, and he's very meticulous about how he does things. Everything is exactly the same every time. They won't seat you until your entire party arrives. And if you dare to complain about anything; well you do so at your own risk.

There were a couple of people sitting outside, but just 2 people in the dining room, Ely and one of the servers grabbing a bite. Luckily he doesn't know what I look like. They sat me at the same table I've sat at every time I've been here. I ordered an iced tea and looked for new stuff on the menu.

The place reminds me of a small New England breakfast place in Newport, RI; nothing has changed since day 1 in the place.

O/B House Interior

O/B House Interior

The tea came out without the extra lemon; that's been happening a lot lately, as if servers aren't really listening.

O/B House Iced Tea

O/B House Iced Tea

I reminded him and he brought out some slices. ugh, the lemon slice instead of a wedge.

O/B House Lemon slice

O/B House Lemon slice

I'll re-itereate to restaurant owners; lemon is not a garnish for iced tea. You actually want to sqeeze the juice into the tea. And you can't squeeze a slice of lemon.

I ordered the Seafood Stew. Music here is superb and they have a good sound system. Tom Petty, The Foundations, Bob Marley and Van Morrison. Good stuff.

The stew took about 10 minutes.

O/B House Seafood Stew

O/B House Seafood Stew

I guess I expected this to be different. Stews have gravy; this is more of a soup. Nevertheless, it looked good. I had no use for the lime; the dish was well seasoned, I didn't even think of reaching for the salt. There was a very slight spiciness to it; it tasted a lot like a good thyme flavored clam chowder.

The "stew" is served with bread; Rodney's bread is thick cut and heavily buttered. I'm not really eating bread, but I did taste it and it's good bread.

O/B House Bread

O/B House Bread

It's not a lot of food for $13, but it's a very good soup. No refill on the Iced Tea; not sure if they give refills and I didn't dare ask. They do have free parking, so you save a couple of bucks there.

Not once did Ely look in my direction or acknowledge me; don't expect the owner to come over and ask how everything is. It's just not that kind of place.

Review 7/21/12

O-B House, which is some sort of odd shorthand for Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House, opened just under a year ago. I tried it a few times when it first opened, and I thought it was a nice little place with quality food and fairly high prices. It was about time for a re-visit.

They have a section of a big parking lot that's also used for parking for the museum and iMAX; just pull into the section closest to the restaurant. There's an attendant who is just there to make sure you go into the restaurant. There's no charge for parking.

Inside, it's a pretty nice place. It has a New England feel; It reminds me of a place in Newport, RI.


The tables are close together and you'll feel like you're dining with the people next to you; the big flowers in oversized vases take up more table space than they should ; the tables here are tight for 2.

They have a good sound system and the music is pretty good: Jack Johnson, Blind Melon and Eric Hutchinson. The kitchen is open, and the place is well-staffed on a Saturday. Different servers will come by and during your meal.

When they first opened, the small coffee was $2.50 and it was $.75 for a refill. Now, its $3 and you get refills. One thing about the owner Rodney Ely is that he's set in his ways. Water still comes with unwanted lemon. There's no swaying him on this.

On my first visit here I ordered the O-B House breakfast, 2 over-easy with sausage and yukon gold potatoes. For toast your choices are multigrain or white; I opted for the multigrain.

O-B House Breakfast with Sausage, Yukon Golds and Multigrain Bread

O-B House Breakfast with Sausage, Yukon Golds and Multigrain Bread

They have good sausage here. This was $9 a year ago; now it's $10. I had an omelet my next time, and for $12 I didn't think that it was big enough to justify the price. Frankly their omelets are stingy and not enough food for me. I thought about eggs benedict but they don't have it here; their O-B House Hollandaise doesn't have any meat and I can't see paying $12 for spinach. So I thought I'd try the Mexican Shipwreck, which comes with black beans, guacamole, salsa, and sour creme. The food came out pretty quickly.

O-B House Mexican Shipwreck

O-B House Mexican Shipwreck

The menu doesn't say that it comes with cheese, but it does. This is kind of a strange dish; the black beans are inside 2 soft tortillas, with the eggs and the cheese over it.
O-B House Mexican Shipwreck cut open

O-B House Mexican Shipwreck cut open

I can't say that this recipe excited me much. The tortillas and beans didn't taste like much, and I think it would be much better with Pepper Jack cheese instead of the plain jack. I like their version of guacamole, which has chunks of red onion. It was enough food; I was pretty full when I was finished.

If you go to their web site and go to the OB-House & Owner section, there's a fairly rude About writeup that's also on the front of the menus. He tries to explain his rigidity in preparation; there aren't a lot of options at the OB-House; bacon is served well-done ONLY. Frankly, I find the pricing explanation a bit insulting, as if I've never been to the supermarket and I don't know that even the best, organic eggs are only 35 cents a piece, and how much butter do they really use to make an omelet? Even if you're paying $12/lb for coffee, it's still only 30 cents a cup. The truth is that a totally organic, free range breakfast might cost $1 more than what everyone else uses; but they charge about $4 more here for the food. So it really doesn't fly.

Places are entitled to charge what they want without having to explain it. They take care in the preparation and the place is nicer than your typical diner. Just think of OB-House as a place where you can get brunch 7 days a week. Most places offer some fancier recipes for an extra couple of dollars at brunch; OB-house just does it every day.

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Terry StahlyReply
Horrible treatment. After waiting for an hour to get in and enduring the arrogant staff who think they walk on water because they have a line we walked out. They are rude and insulting from the minute you show up to wait until you leave. The prices are a joke and after being subjected to "if you ask us how long again we will add more time to your wait" they refused to prepare my omelet as scrambled. There would be no way to price it out. Hmmm let me see same three overpriced eggs same four ingredients but the cook would have to stir them a couple of times instead of flip them over.

Avoid this place like the plague.
Good food but a small very noisy restaurant and prices are too high !! Be aware, there is a $5.00 charge for sharing! (Our costs was $21.41 for a pancake and a cup of coffee. Bill
OB House servers are friendly & the food is good, but the wait is way too long and all the rules are arbitrary & ridiculous. Wouldn't recommend! They don't take reservations, but 1 hr and a half wait, if someone from your party was in the bathroom they won't seat your group and give away your spot in line, you need code for toilet that only the manager has, you can't special order or make changes to anything on the menu so too bad if you don't like spinach they won't not put it on your plate, allergic to something too bad out of luck you have to pick around it, no free refills, they can't separate checks, all orders must be placed together & can't come out of order but all together like of someone is in a hurry and orders only a drink or a salad they have to wait until the rest of the groups foods is cooked in order to serve everyone together even if the group says it's okay, took an hour to be served our food, we found hair in 1/2 the dishes (2 out of 4), we had to argue about the check as they added on extra fees for things they hadn't warned us about up front or that were different on the menu, they charged us for the food with hair and after complaining to 3 different people they credited us $20 from the original $30 they cost, over priced originally $75 for breakfast for 4 without any alcohol orders, & on 3 separate instances they kept trying to take away my plate before I was done and brought the check before everyone finished eating. Good food & a funny adventure if you take it in stride. It was so unbelievable we laughed almost the entire 3 hrs it took us from arriving to leaving. Way to much time for brunch. Would not recommend!
At least once a month professionals drive up from Miami to met with us for a business breakfast. OB House has become our go to place. We had been lucky to avoid the notorious bad service and angry owner...for a long time. Well our day arrived. We plan our meeting to avoid the morning rush. Two of us arrived 15 minutes early and approached the hostess and requested a table. The restaurant was 50% full and the entire outside patio was empty. She stated that she could not seat us until the rest of our party arrived. We checked with them by text and they were ten minutes away. We asked her to consider our request and she went to get the owner....drum roll...

He came out and asked us what we wanted, my colleague from Miami very nicely requested a table. He said he could not seat us until the others arrived. His chin was actually quivering with anger...I kid you not. His tone was mean and demeaning. I wanted to leave, but we were afraid our other colleagues would get lost finding a new place. We explained our desire again and my colleague said, I thought I was the customer...he then looked right in her eye and said "and I am the owner, I pay the bills and the utilities here" and you can't be seated. We looked at each other and quietly asked "really?". We discussed leaving and the owner said...Oh I will accommodate you and I will check back in ten minutes and if they aren't there you will have to get up.

We left. It was like breaking up. We have been going there for over a year...and we know we can never and will never return. We googled a place, sent a text and were greeted with...."take a seat wherever you like.....can I get you some coffee?" We have a new meeting place.

If he was nicer, perhaps he wouldn't have to worry about the utility bills as much. Hopefully this owner will wake up before he destroys this nice place. Be Nice.
I think the food is great, but the owner has a really rude attitude and is disrespectful. He would not allow a service dog into his institution unless the person was blind, which was not the case. Clearly, discrimination against a disability.
I'm sure a lot of people scam restaurant owners telling them that their pooch is a service dog. So I have *some* sympathy.
The place SUCKS and Rodney's attitude makes it worse
Not a big fan of this place. I agree that the food is just decent, portions on the small side, and priced too high