Grande Pizza

Last Activity: Aug 14th, 2013

grande pizza


959 NE 62nd St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
(954) 776-9553
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Last Review: 10/07/11


ParkingPrivate lot CCYes
AlcoholNone Entree PricesModerate
OutdoorNo ReservationsNo

Critic's Review

Grande Pizza is a chain with a number of locations; none of which is terribly convenient. This location is on that 62nd Street area where nobody goes unless you live nearby; it's just not on the way to anywhere.

Inside, the place is nicer than expected with black granite counters and light wood tables and chairs. I wasn't up on their stuff when I first walked in, so I just asked for a slice. I've since learned that they have "crispy cheese" slices, which are a variation of Sicilian. They didn't ask what kind of slice so they just threw in a plane slice.

Grande Pizza Slice

Grande Pizza Slice

The slice looked pretty good, although I felt unlucky that I got one of those bubbles that result in a big circle of space with no cheese. It was way too doughy; I found myself chewing way too much on something other than cheese and sauce.

Probably worthy of a pie try; but they're pretty expensive; it's $15.95 for an 18" pizza so I'll likely go for a 16" against my instincts.

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