It's All Greek To Me! Grill

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It's All Greek to Me! Grill


17 S Pompano Hwy
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
954 973-4655
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HoursM-Sat 11am-9pm, Closed Sunday
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholWine and Beer
Entree Prices$4 - $20 OutdoorYes
ReservationsNo DeliveryNo

Critic's Review

I was driving north on 95 trying to figure out where to get lunch, and I saw a billboard for Miami Subs advertising Gyros, and I thought to myself "Ya, that's were I'd go for a Gyro". Then I thought of It's All Greek to Me! Grill. I'd found the place while purely by accident when they'd first opened and I'd wanted to get a Gyro there. So the plan was set.

They've remodeled since I was here last; it used to be a deli-like counter with some modest tables and chairs; not it looks more like an eat-in pizzeria with lots of small tables suitable for 1 or 2.


It's All Greek to Me Interior

They have a lunch special where you can get "any pita sandwich" and a salad for $8.99, but it's a "smaller", regular greek salad. I was afraid I'd get small everything, so I went with my original plan; a greek "village" salad and a Gyro with everything, Tzatziki sauce on the side. She repeated the order so I was sure she got it right, and I took a seat. It was ready in less than 10 minutes.jump-->

I had to stop at Winn-Dixie next door, and when I got back into the car, it was filled with the aroma of Gyro. Wow, was this going to be good. You can't eat a Gyro in the car, so I sped home, anticipating the impossible.

Unlike most people, before I eat I photograph the food. I opened the salad first. The bag was kind of oily; the container they use isn't sealed and it's not very good for a salad. The pita had also found their way into the oil, causing me to quickly throw them in the garbage.


It's All Greek to Me! Grill Village Salad

The salad looked good; not too many olives and nice ripe tomatoes. One and a half wedges of feta. They could have put a few more cukes in there, but it looked good. >I pulled the Gyro out of the bag and opened it up. Again, nice ripe tomatoes and not too many onions; some places really load up the Gyro with onions, mainly because they're a cheap ingredient. This looked good.


It's all Greek to Me! Grill Gyro

It was then that to my utter horror I realized that they didn't put the Tzatziki in the bag. I'm sure they heard me scream "Noooooo!" in Pompano; I was beyond ticked. You can't eat a Gyro without Tzatziki. It's like a salad without dressing, or a burger without cheese or ketchup. My dream of eating a big Gyro was shattered. There would be no Gyro eating this afternoon.

While I had the ingredients to make a decent Tzatziki, you can't make it in 5 minutes. You have to drain the sour cream (I didn't have greek yogurt), and it takes a few hours for the flavors to develop, otherwise you're just eating sour cream with bits of garlic and cucumber in it. I re-wrapped the Gyro and put it in the fridge; the Gyro eating would have to wait.

Making The Tzatziki

While nibbling on the salad, I made the Tzatziki sauce for later. First, I put up some sour cream to drain; a big tablespoon in a coffee filter in a strainer works. I had the Breakstone low-fat (which tastes exactly like the full-fat), which separates a bit so pouring off the liquid from the container is half the job. I peeled a piece of cucumber, dug out the seeds, and grated it. I peeled a clove of garlic and mashed it with a mortar and pestle with a few grains of course sea salt. I threw it all into a little pyrex container with some dill and freshly ground pepper.

Home Made Tzatziki before mixing

Home Made Tzatziki before mixing

Mix it all up and put it in the fridge for a few hours to meld. The difference in taste when you first mix it and 4 hours later is amazingly different. This came out really good.

Home Made Tzatziki after Melding

Home Made Tzatziki after Melding

I had the Gyro as a late night snack; I sprayed a 10" frying pan with Pam/Olive Oil and heated the meat, and then warmed the pita slightly and spooned on the sauce.


It's Greek to Me Grill Gyro with home-made sauce

Now after a couple of glasses of wine, there's nothing like a Gyro. This was as good as I'd imagined 9 hours earlier. It just took a lot more work than I'd hoped.

Good food, bad packaging. Make sure you check your take-out order.>

Review 11/14/11

Off in the Northwest corner of Pompano beach, not far from the Casino, there's a little Greek place. I'd spotted the place by accident when I took a detour one day a few months ago. Some of the reviews indicated that it might be worth a try. So on the way to Cheetah, I picked up some take out.

The first impression is that the place is cheap. I ordered a small salad and a "Loukaniko On Pita", which is greek sausage. I didn't want to get a Gyro, because I would have eaten the whole thing and my diet would be ruined for the week.

When I opened the salad, I was surprised at the size of it. This was a very good portion for a small salad.


The salad had a mild dressing that was good; the lettuce was green and there was plenty of feta cheese.

The sausage pita was tightly packed; I usually order the Tzatziki on the side to control the portion, but I forgot to mention it when I ordered.


The sausage was unexpectedly sliced; I've never had a greek sausage pita before but all of the pictures I saw had the sausages whole or split. Loukaniko is a beef and pork sausage flavored with anise and orange peel; I have to say that I didn't care for it. It wasn't as good as a Gyro, but I can tell from this sandwich that their gyro is probably very good. The Tzatziki was excellent and the balance of ingredients was just right.

When you walk into a greek place and all of the people working there are speaking greek (and they know how to pronounce the dishes correctly), you know you've made a find. It's All Greek to Me Grill is certainly a find. The next time I'm in the area I'm getting a Gyro here.

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