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Bagel Snack Pompano 5/15


1237 S Powerline Rd
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
954 974-4564
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Last Review: 10/20/14


Hours6:30am-3pm, Closes at 2pm on Sunday
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholNone
OutdoorNo ReservationsNo


Real Jewish Deli
Good Service
Fair Prices
Free Parking


Dated Decor
It's not Katz'

Critic's Review

Lore will tell you about Pomperdale, but the only real Jewish Deli left in the area is Bagel Snack. You can tell by the average age of the Clientele, which exceeds 80.

Bagel Snack Interior

Bagel Snack Interior

Their prices aren't crazy, but they're not 1990 prices either. They have some modern specials like a "Philly Wrap", indicating that they're trying to stay current. They only serve their breakfast menu until 11am, but you can get Eggs Benedict or whatever they have on special all day.

Bagen Snack Specials

Bagen Snack Specials

They get $10.95 for a Pastrami or Corned Beef sandwich, which is where I was going until I saw the lunch special, which is 1/2 Deli sandwich, a beverage and soup for $8.99.
Initially I thought that I was being ignored, as no-one came to take my order. After a few minutes it became clear that there was an event in the restaurant; some dude had stopped responding to his table mates. "Call 911, did someone call 911?". People were running around, it was pretty strange. Finally a server came over and took my order.

Bagel Snack Ice Tea

Bagel Snack Ice Tea

It all came out, bang bang. He brought out pickles first.

Bagel Snack Pickle Service

Bagel Snack Pickle Service

This is how you know that you're in a real, Jewish Deli. Then the sandwich.

Bagel Snack 1/2 Pastrami Sandwich

Bagel Snack 1/2 Pastrami Sandwich

Not what I'd call "overstuffed", but they don't mess around with off-brand mustard.

Meanwhile, Rescue is pushing through the restaurant, loading the dude onto a gurney.

Bagal Snack Incident

Bagal Snack Incident

"He's breathing", someone said. Always a good sign. Meanwhile my server walks by "Did I bring you the soup?", "No, not yet". Seconds later it appeared.
Bagel Snack Matzo Ball Soup

Bagel Snack Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo Ball Soup. I haven't it in a long, long time. This was just like Ben's, with noodles. Very good soup, almost buttery. I don't get the Matzo though, which is a Jewish Dumpling.

Bagel Snack Matzo Ball

Bagel Snack Matzo Ball

Just a ball of nothing to me. The Pastrami was a smallish sandwich, but probably just the right amount of calories for a regular size person.

Bagel Snack Pastrami on Rye

Bagel Snack Pastrami on Rye

A good sandwich. Soft rye with a good crust. And big pickles add a lot to the experience.

Bagel Snack Pickles

Bagel Snack Pickles

And good pickles too. You can't serve bad pickles with a Pastrami Sandwich. The cole slaw wasn't good; all vinegar. More like a cabbage salad than cole slaw.
As I was leaving, Rescue was still outside. Apparently they were trying to get the Ambulance to take the dude home, but they were supposed to take him to a hospital.


Getting old is no fun.


As remote as this place is, it's fairly obvious that virtually all of the customers are uber-regulars who have been coming here for centuries. My entire meal was $9.53, which is pretty good since most places are charging $3 for an iced tea and $6 for soup.

They close at 3 sharp, so don't come late or they'll lock you inside.

Review 12/8/11

Bagel Snack is a real deli, hidden away off the beaten path. The windows are all covered; you'd hardly know the place is here.

But it's been around for a long time, and when you go inside it looks like a real Jewish Deli. With Pomperdale losing some luster with new owners; bagel snack is one of the few old-time delis left standing.

I ordered a chicken salad sandwich on Rye, which is what I usually order in a deli.


The chicken salad was good, but overall I wasn't overly impressed. No Dill Pickle (whats the deal with these half-dills anyway?). Seedless Rye and really, really lousy cole slaw. Why do even the best delis have lousy cole slaw?

This place intrigues me; but this was fairly pedestrian. I'll have to try something else, but for now, 3 stars is all I can do.

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