Knucklehead Burgers

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4900 S University Dr
Davie, FL 33328
(954) 434-0013
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Last Review: 08/15/12


HoursM-Th 11am-11pm, Fri/Sat 11am-12am, Sun 11am-10pm
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholBeer and Wine
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorYes
ReservationsNo DeliveryNo

Critic's Review

The bad economy has people eating more burgers and less steak, and there's no shortage of people trying to cash in on it. But with BurgerFi, CG Burgers, Steak and Shake and now even Don Shula getting into the game, you wonder if there's room for another.

Another burger place with CAB burgers; I saw a bunch of puffy reviews so it was time to take a drive up to Davie.

They advertise that their burgers are a "unique blend", but when some people on their facebook page asked them to specify the ratios, they deleted the posts. They also wouldn't disclose the fat ratio, which seems to me to be a lot more important than anything else.

There was one other customer in the place at 2:30pm, and there were so many employees that the place looked full. Employees were swarming. Knucklehead's isn't a big designer deal like CG Burgers and BurgerFI; the decorations are what I'd call free-standing fast food. jump-->No built-in plastics like the real fast food places, but more like a kids's playroom than a comfy dining room. At the counter, it's fast food all the way.


Knucklehead's Counter

I placed my order for a NY Dog no onions and a Keep It Simple burger with cheese and a bottle of water, for a total of $14.23. No bargain, although it would be a meal and a half. $1.95 for water, so bring your own. The plan was to eat the hot dog here and then have the burger later. I sat down and waited; it was a longer wait than expected considering that there was no-one else in the place waiting for food.


Knucklehead's Burgers Interior

I'd ordered it as takeout, and when it was ready one of the swarming dudes brought it out. I grabbed the bag and sat at a table. They failed to give me the water; the guy asked if I needed anything and I said that I didn't get my water; he proceeded to bring me a cup of water. "No, I paid for a bottle of water". They're still training here, obviously.

I opened the dog and it was split grilled with a good amount of sauerkraut. They only have Heinz yellow mustard here, if they're serious about selling NY dogs they'd better get some Spicy Brown Mustard.


Knucklehead's NY Hot Dog

They claim to sell Hebrew National hot dogs, and I'd have to say that's what I got. The New England Style bun was a little bit too much bread, but it was a satisfying hot dog. Kind of pricey at $4.97 with tax. In fact, it's the most expensive hot dog in Fort Lauderdale. Did I really pay 30 cents for sauerkraut?

When I got home, I opened the burger.


Knucklehead's K.I.S.S. Burger

The lettuce didn't survive the trip. From the outside it didn't look much different than any other burger.


Knucklehead's Keep It Simple Burger with Cheddar

It was ordered Medium Rare, and that's what it is. Not a whole lot of cheese, and the lettuce had to go. It needed a bit of salt and some ketchup. It was a tasty bun, and a nice tasting burger. It wasn't the greasy kind of good; it was meaty and lean.

I ate half the burger and took the other half apart. They claim that their burgers are "hand formed". They must be pretty darn good at it, because this baby is perfectly round and flat. Hand made burgers are generally more wobbly. Maybe they have a mold, but then they're not really hand formed.

Knucklehead Burger Deconstructed

Knucklehead Burger Deconstructed

The burger and hot dog were good, but I despise the over-hyping of burgers and hot dogs. Can't just someone sell good hot dogs and burgers without trying to convince us that their meat is from a superior beast? Please?

There's a BurgerFi opening on S University in a few months; frankly I think the food is better here, but it should prove interesting to see how many burger places the area can support.

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Placed an order tobe picked up, burger was overcooked, fries were soggy.
I asked them what their blend and fat content were on facebook and they blocked my account.
why would they tell you what the blend is if it's done for them as a special blend? They are a CAB approved vendor, so the meat must be pretty good.......who are you?? The meat keeper!!!!!!
A better question is why would they block her account, rather than just saying it's a secret? Pretty bad customer relations if you ask me.
That's largely a canard. Everyone has CAB now, GimmeABurger, CG Burgers even Duffy's. CAB is a brand. A rump roast from a "choice plus" carcass isn't necessarily any better once you grind it and add fat.

They advertise their unique blend, but if its 1% filet, 1% short rib and 98% junk, then it's not a superior product. The issue with ground beef is that the marketing is backwards. The quality of the beef isn't really as important with ground beef. Its the seasoning, the fat content and the specific cut of beef that gives it the flavor that matters.