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Moonlite Diner Hollywood Fl


3500 Oakwood Blvd
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 924-2012
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Last Review: 01/07/15


Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholNo
OutdoorYes ReservationsNo


Clean Interior
Good Portions


Annoying Music
No Home Fries
Prices are way up

Critic's Review

I was in the area and decided on a late breakfast; I hadn't been to this place in a few years. The place is in the middle of a big shopping area with some of the worst 4 way stop intersections ever conceived. You know, those intersections with 4 stop signs where everyone is waiting for someone else to go first; or who all decide to go at once?

I made my way into the parking lot; there's actually a pond next to the place and they have an outdoor patio. It didn't look very inviting, so I decided to eat inside.

Moonlite Diner Hollywood FL

Moonlite Diner Hollywood FL

There's no hostess, I kind of just wandered in until a server asked "counter or booth". I've never eaten at a counter in a diner, and I wasn't starting today.

Moonlite Diner Hollywood Florida Interior

Moonlite Diner Hollywood Florida Interior

The first sign of change was the coffee; I knew I was having breakfast so I ordered coffee, and it didn't come with a pot, as it did previously. The coffee is still terrible, so that hasn't changed.
Moonlite Diner Coffee

Moonlite Diner Coffee

The water is new; I guess they figured that water is cheaper than coffee. I ordered my usual, 2 eggs with sausages. Their menu has changed quite a bit; they now only have hash browns and the price is up from $5.99 to $7.48, which is a massive 25% increase.

Music here bites the big one with 70s garbage from Donna Summer and Sister Sledge filling the room. Like eating in a dance club? This is the place.

They keep the blinds nice and clean; she didn't wipe down the seats after standing on them with her very, very clean shoes.

Moonlite Diner Cleaning the Blinds

Moonlite Diner Cleaning the Blinds

The food came out fairly quickly.

moonlight Diner Breakfasts

moonlight Diner Breakfasts

My server came to ask how everything was before I had a chance to try anything; after she left I realized that I needed a side dish because I couldn't eat this with everything piled on top of each other. They also don't butter the toast, so how was I supposed to do that on this plate? I finally flagged down another server and got a side plate for the toast.

The first thing I noticed is that they don't have the good, fat sausages anymore.

Moonlight Diner 2 with Meat and Rye Toasst

Moonlight Diner 2 with Meat and Rye Toasst

The eggs were flash cooked and too runny; when I cut into them they exploded into a mess.
Moonlite Diner Runny Eggs

Moonlite Diner Runny Eggs

They had better rye bread than before. They don't know how to do coffee diner-style; she actually took my cup to the back to top it off. I guess the people who work here are used to the pots. This is another place that's made a mistake by switching to the fancy salt grinders. Grinders are good for pepper, but course salt only works on steak. Grinding course salt onto eggs or hash browns doesn't season them properly. They need to have regular shakers as well.

I was about half done and I saw my server coming with the check; she asked if I was going to have dessert. Do people have dessert with breakfast? She didn't indicate if I should pay her or at the register.

$2.49 for coffee. Really? Is this a restaurant or something?


Some businessperson has taken over here; they've made changes and raised the prices. It's clear that whoever is making the changes doesn't eat here, because basic things don't work; like piling everything on one plate, the salt grinder debacle and their inability to deliver coffee properly. It's also absurd that you can't get home fries at a diner.

The experience was less pleasant, and the prices are much higher. Service isn't friendly. But the big problem is that they still don't know how to cook eggs.

Review 6/22/12

The Hollywood location of the Moonlite diner is located in the middle of a spread out shopping complex that includes Home Depot and Kmart, all on the corner of Stirling and route 95. It's owned by the same people who own the Moonlite Diner on Cypress Creek rd and also Diner 24 on Oakland Park Blvd. I've been to both of those locations with positive results.

This place is actually nicer than the other 2, with big vinyl booths and a dining area that has some privacy from the main counter. One thing I don't like about diners sometimes is the feeling that there's always someone watching me.

Moonlite Diner Hollywood Interior

Moonlite Diner Hollywood Interior

One thing different about this location is that they give you a pot of coffee, so you don't have to worry about having to re-sugar your coffee every time someone walks by and "warms" it up. They also give you plenty of butter.

Moonlite Diner Hollywood Coffee

Moonlite Diner Hollywood Coffee

I contemplated corned beef hash, but I like the sausages here, so I went with my usual.

Moonlite Diner Hollywood Eggs

Moonlite Diner Hollywood Eggs

One thing clear about this plate is their grill is way too hot; everything is burned a bit too much. It's interesting that 3 places owned by the same people would do the same thing wrong; as if a too hot grill is mandated by ownership. Eggs shouldn't be "browned", and when over-easy eggs are burned on both sides it's clear that the strategy here is to cook stuff fast without regard for the customer's dining experience. They also don't butter the bread, which is a growing trend. I'd prefer that they ask if I want butter, so I don't have to do it myself.

The sausages are also cooked "well", but that's probably my fault for eating breakfast at 2:30pm. Not a bad experience but if the eggs were cooked with more care it could easily be better.

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