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Tower Shops
2124 S University Dr
Davie, FL 33317
(754) 200-5241
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Critic's Review

Red Mango is the original high-end frozen yogurt chain that originated in South Korea in 2002. There's a million frozen Yogurt chains now; they're prime for franchising since the machines make the yogurt and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to run a store. I was in the area for something and wanted something light, so I decided to stop in.

There was a store briefly in the Galleria Mall; it went out of business in less than a year. It was kind of a bad location and they didn't do much marketing; bad support from the Franchisor I think.

The store is kind of "chic"; with a red/white theme and modern furniture. There were kids milling around so I didn't want to take pictures. There's a Party store next door and it is Halloween...

They have a bunch of flavors, but I'm a vanilla chocolate kind of guy. They have "Vanilla Bean", but I went with "Original", which really isn't vanilla.

I was looking for dark chocolate chunks but they only had candy. The trays weren't labeled so I didn't know what half of it was; am I supposed to know what kind of filling the candies have? I got some M&Ms since I know what those are, and some cool looking candy that looked like gems.

Red Mango Cup

Red Mango Cup

You pay by weight here: This was $3.28 with tax. The gemstones weren't so good; stick with the M&Ms. The white stuff isn't vanilla; it's kind of tangy and not very sweet. An interesting flavor, particular when paired with the chocolate M&Ms. It was kind of icey; not smooth like soft yogurt usually is. The "Milk Chocolate" was fine but unmemorable.

Not bad, but not as good as my last stop at Menchies.

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