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257 B Commercial Blvd
Lauderdale By The Sea, FL 33308
954 689 6630
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Last Review: 10/24/12


HoursMon-Sat 10:30am - 6:30pm Closed Sunday
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes Alcoholnone
OutdoorYes ReservationsNo

Critic's Review

Genco is easy to miss; they're in a little strip center on the left just as you cross over the bridge heading to Lauderdale By The Sea. A friend of mine tipped me off on it; I wondered why someone would want to open a sandwich shop a block away from La Spada. But their sandwiches are a bit different than your standard sub shop. With a Godfather theme; all of the sandwiches are named after mobsters. "Genco", in case you're not famliar, was a childhood friend of the fictional Vito Corleane. The Genco Olive Oil import company was the first "Business" that young Vito started.

The place itself is a typical sandwich shop, small, obviously new; decent enough to sit and have a sandwich but not a place to spend a Saturday evening.

Genco Inside

Genco Inside

I had my eye on a couple of choices on the menu, but I decided on a sausage and peppers special. $8 is kind of pricey, but it all depends on what you get and the size of the sandwich.

Genco Sausage & Peppers

Genco Sausage & Peppers

The sandwich was a good size, but I was disappointed in the construction. This sandwich was "assembled", rather than made with a real concern for the finished product. There weren't enough peppers and onions and they weren't freshly cooked; and the sandwich could have benefited with some sweet bell peppers. This sandwich couldn't carry a briefcase for the sausage sandwich I got at the Las Olas Art Fair, or even the stellar version I got at Hot Diggity Dogs.

A friend of mine who works in the neighborhood stopped in and got a "Carlo" sandwich, which looks like it was constructed by a chimp.

Genco Carlo Sandwich

Genco Carlo Sandwich

With LaSpada a few doors down, there's no reason to overpay for a sandwich at this place.

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I was going to try this place but their facebook page scared me off. Scary.
They said I was clueless and blocked me on their facebook page because I said that real italian sausage and peppers is either grilled or pan fried in oil. They must be from greece or something.
Katy BReply
It doesn't LOOK like a great sandwich. Is that sausage boiled or something?