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Coconuts Fort Lauderdale


429 Seabreeze Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 525-2421
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Last Review: 09/06/13


Dress CodeCasual ParkingComplimentary Valet
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorYes


Better than Expected Food
Waterfront Location


Bad Bar Space
Cramped indoor Space
Mandatory Gratuity
Valet Only Parking

Critic's Review

Every once in a while I think about Coconuts; I always seem to go here when it's 90-something, as if I forgot that their A/C isn't the best. There were a bunch of guys at the front door at a table that didn't seem like a hostess stand, so I wandered in and found myself standing on the patio; I asked a random server if I could just sit anywhere and he waved me in an got me a menu.

The patio is covered and there's some attempt at air conditioning, but it doesn't do the job very well. 2 tables that were seated after me asked to move inside because it was too hot. There's no ashtrays on the tables so it's not clear if smoking is allowed; some bozo was smoking an E-Cig; don't people know how stupid those things look?

Coconuts Patio

Coconuts Patio

The best thing about Coconuts is the view. They've repaired much of the decking which used to be pretty weathered and ratty.

Coconuts View

Coconuts View

Every time I don't order the Jambalaya I wished I did, but I've been thinking about lobster rolls lately, so I ordered that. It took my server a loooong time to come back after delivering the iced tea. There's a lot of waiting at Coconuts.>

Coconuts Iced Tea and Menu

Coconuts Iced Tea and Menu

The music here sucks wind; Katy Perry, Timomatic, The Ready Set. It all sound the same to me. The roll came out fairly quickly.


Coconut's Lobster Roll with Cole Slaw

It was a decent roll, not overstuffed. The one criticism was that it lacked butter; some places pour butter over the roll, but in the very least the roll should be heavily buttered. This one was just lightly toasted. The cole slaw was certainly an ample portion; I'd call it more of a cabbage salad; it had a yellowish dressing that was unusual. Clearly freshly made and better than most.

Service is kind of funny; on whole I don't like it. My server was way too enthusiastic; trying to steer me to particular items on the menu and telling me how good things were. And I knocked over my second iced tea, dumping half of it, and no one ever came over to wipe the water from the table. One guy did hand me a rag; I guess it was my problem.

3 stars for ambiance; the view is great but they have a bad bar, one impossible to watch TV and the inside is kind of uncomfortable in general. Some of the chairs outside are as old as the sea as well.

As in all of Wolf's restaurants, prices here are about $2 too high on everything. 18% gratuity included, which saved me 70 cents since I would have left more if I was deciding how much they should get. It's probably why they don't bother to wipe your table if you spill something, and why it takes so long to get your bill when you're ready to leave.

All in all, the lobster roll was a nice lunch, but I should have gotten the Jambalaya!

Review 1/6/12

Coconuts used to be the only place where you could self-park for free left at the beach; but the've recently put in a valet. It's still free to park for the restaurant, but you'll have to tip the attendant. I don't like to have to clean out all of my valuables before I go to lunch, so I parked in the beach lot and walked over.

Coconuts is getting a makeover; they've taken over the place next door and they're opening an Oyster Bar. It's really one big place; I guess they're opening up a new place in case it doesn't work out and they can fold it without losing Coconuts.

There's a lot of things wrong with coconuts, and now we can add forced valet. The deck is poorly maintained. They add 18% gratuity to the bill. The bar is a bit uncomfortable. They don't tell you the prices on the specials. The service generally sucks wind. But the food is good.

Coconuts Patio

Coconuts Patio

I like to sit outside on the dockside deck, where the view this time of year is nice. But it's not as nice as the view on the other side of Las Olas.>


One of my favorite dishes in Fort Lauderdale is the Jambalaya. It's a caribbean version with island spices; not the usual New Orlean Cajun fare. It's very spicy and loaded with chicken, shrimp and andouille sausage.

Coconuts Jambalaya

Coconuts Jambalaya

This, my friends, is good stuff. Another winner on the menu are the gilled Jerk Wings. These are great with a beer for an after beach snack.


Coconut's Jerk Wings

They're served with a mild ranch that compliments them perfectly. Don't miss a chance to try them.

On another visit, I tried the Blue Crab Scoobies, an appetizer special for $15.


Coconut's Blue Crab Scoobies

The scoobies came with a garlicky chili oil that was just great with the crab and the bread. I wasn't sure exactly how to eat these; I had to ask for an oyster fork; but this was pretty much finger food. It was good but I don't think I'd pay $15 for it again.

Coconuts is a little bit of old Florida, which isn't always good. But I find myself coming back for the food more often than many other places.

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