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Maguires Hill Fort Lauderdale


535 N Andrews Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 764-4453
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Last Review: 12/02/14


Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar
OutdoorYes ReservationsPrivate Party Room
Happy Hour4pm-7pm $3.50 pints, $1 off well drinks, Free Appetizers


Big attractive Pub
Live music on weekend


Chaotic parking lot
Insulting Service
Bad food

Insider Tips

Come for a beer, skip the food.

Critic's Review

I planned on going to Il Mulino for lunch today, but it was raining and the parking lot was full, so I ended up at Maguires.

The parking lot here is a disaster. You actually have to go out of the lot to get back into it; its nuts. Someone had parked a big truck roughly in an end spot that made entering the section very tight. I found a spot in the back and wondered if I'd be able to get out.

At 1:30 the place was half empty; plenty of tables and booths.

Maguires Hill Dining Room

Maguires Hill Dining Room

A hostess showed me to a table and asks what I want to drink; "Iced tea with extra lemon please". While she's gone, I'm noticing that the table is very wobbly; too wobbly for me to deal with. Plenty of other seats, I was thinking.

The hostess comes back with an iced tea with about 3 ice cubes and 1 wedge of lemon. She runs off, before I can ask for another table.
Wobbly Table

Wobbly Table

I decide to move to a table just behind it. When I see my server I'll just let her know. Except there was no server. I fold up the menu. Drinking room temperature tea.

Maguires Hill Iceless Tea

Maguires Hill Iceless Tea

Waiting, waiting, still no server. Another hostess comes over and I mention that my tea has no ice, and I emphasized that I'd asked for extra lemon. This is what she comes back with.

Maguires Hill

Maguires Hill

Like slicing a lemon wedge in half is extra lemon. When she dropped off the tea, she asked if I knew what I wanted, since I'd packed up the menu. I asked about the soup of the day; Chili, Chili isn't soup. "We have Potato soup", but I didn't want potatoes and cheddar cheese. "I'll just have the bangers and mash".
So now I've been here 20 minutes and I still haven't met my server. Luckily I'm getting good reception on my phone, so I'm keeping occupied. I see an arm, and a plate is dropped in front of me. I turn to see my server (I think) running back to the kitchen.

Maguires Hill Bangers and Mash w/Baked Beans

Maguires Hill Bangers and Mash w/Baked Beans

The first thing that I noticed was the beans; they were badly burned as if left in the microwave or a very hot oven for way too long. I could barely dig them out.

Maguires Hill baked beans

Maguires Hill baked beans

I would have sent the beans back, but my server never returned to check on me. And I do mean never. Isn't it basic form to ask if everything is ok at some point? There was none of that today.

Usually with Bangers and Mash, the "mash" is a rough mash; Smashed potatoes they're called these days. But these were smooth and looked like they came out of a piping bag. These were the Shepherd's Pie potatoes. I've never been served or even seen this dish without onions; onion gravy is supposed to be part of the deal. The sausages weren't bad; the entire dish was passable except for the beans, which I didn't eat.

Maguires Hill Bangers and Mash

Maguires Hill Bangers and Mash

My tea is empty, empty, empty, tick, tock and I'm thinking to myself "Why should I give this person one dime for a tip, she didn't even take my order"? Just as I was about to give up, I heard a voice "Would you like a refill". "Yes Please". Ok, so I guess I have to give her something. Still no "Is Everything OK". Mainly because she didn't care. She dumps the tea with the old, used lemon on the table and speeds off.

But then came the waiting. I had 1/2 sausage and a little bit of mash left. I finished the food and the iced tea in another 5 minutes. So now my glass is empty and I've put my silverware on my plate, which is the universal sign that you're done eating. Waiting, and waiting. I see my server pouring water for another table (I was never offered water, BTW). She must have noticed I was done, but no. More waiting. Over 10 minutes. Then she drops off the check. "Whenever you're done". Really? I've been done for awhile.

I already had my card out and put it in the check holder and slid it to the end of the table. Waiting, waiting; nothing. Time for a photo.
Maguires Hill Waiting to Cash Out

Maguires Hill Waiting to Cash Out

8 minutes and she comes back and takes my card, and returned with the bill. Click the stopwatch. 58 minutes for a 1 course lunch. Unbelievable.

Maguires Hill Bill

Maguires Hill Bill

As you well know, I eat out quite often. I don't ever recall leaving no tip at a table before. I can't say that anymore.


Service at the bar is terrible if you're not a regular; it's worse in the dining room. Anyone who would serve me those beans simply doesm't care about the quality of the food they serve. Eat somewhere else.

Review 6/26/14

I went to Maguires Hill to watch the soccer game, and it wasn't nearly as crowded as the last World Cup. Clearly Bokamper's has taken a good chuck of the business away from place like this. What struck me was how few people were eating lunch, considering that the game was from 12pm to a bit after 2pm.


It was one of the least enthusiastic crowds ever! I saw some really bad looking stuff coming out of the kitchen and on people's plates, so I opted to not eat.
Service was horrific. 3 servers behind the bar and none of them seemed to be serving customers. It appears that everyone here is a regular, so if you don't call out their name they don't bother scanning the bar. Someone with standing had to get a bartender's attention. I got a tiny slice of lemon and no sweeteners with iced tea. Luckily the game was over soon and I was out of here.

Review 7/3/10


Maguire's Hill 16 is an Irish Pub located on Andrews Avenue a few blocks north of Broward Blvd. It's about the only place that you can walk to from the Hampton Inn if you happen to be staying there.

First things first, Maguire's Hill is a nice place. There's a big room up front with a handsome bar area in the rear. The bar has plenty of TVs; and they have all of the Irish Pub favorites on tap.


They have signs up claiming to have the extra innings MLB package, but there's no evidence that they even partially utilize it. One evening half of the sets are on NESN showing the Red Sox game and the other half are on CNN. When the Sox game was over; no other games were put on. Perhaps you have to ask for a game, but showing nothing when you're paying a boatload of cash for a package makes no sense.

The bartenders here are clueless and only partially attentive. My server could provide no specifics on the menu items I inquired about. Twice when I was seeking attention my server was at the register texting on her phone for several minutes at a time. Its highly annoying.

The food here is not very good. They give you large portions at a fair price, but its bar grub at best. I'd be hesitant to order anything here expecting any sort of authenticity. Macguires wings are probably the worst wings that I've had in Fort Lauderdale. They are prepared completely devoid of culinary skill. They are a complete waste of calories.

Maguires Hill "Jerk" wings

Maguires Hill "Jerk" wings

These were the so-called "San Antonio Jerk" wings. I can find no reference to such a recipe, and I think I understand why. These wings in no way resemble in appearance or taste any jerk wing offering I've encountered before. They are basically plain, unmarinated deep friend wings rolled in butter with some dried spices. They're just terrible. Order something else.

On a Saturday night, there are no spots in the lot or in any of the lots nearby. But the bar is empty; maybe 25 people. There's a big private party in the back, but no one in the regular bar area or dining room. As the night progresses; no crowd arrives. There's a band, but its not an Irish band. A couple of older guys playing some rock songs at half speed. Its the polar opposite of Dicey Riley's with its young raucous crowd and kick-ass rock bands. Its much more laid back here.

Its too bad, because It would be a nice place to grab some dinner before going out for the evening if the food was decent.

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