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Nov 19th, 2019

Top Round Roast Beef

35 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301


Parking: Private Lot


This seemingly cursed location finally has a new tenant; and a curious one at that. Roast beef sandwiches that seem to be targeted to Millenials; sort of a cross between Five Guys and Arby's; Burger Fi with Roast beef instead of burgers.

For those of you under 50, Roast Beef is a food that people used to eat in the 1970's; a cheap cut of meat slow roasted and sliced very thin; my Mom used to serve it with McCormick's mushroom gravy. Today you mostly see top round labeled as "London Broil"; just as you see short loin labeled as "NY Strip"; mainly because it sounds better than the actual name. Families on budgets still buy this cut (as they do bottom round and rump roasts), you'll rarely see it in a restaurant. The "French Dip" has been out of favor for decades. Even Arby's is pushing Gyros and Brisket; understanding that roast beef on a roll isn't familiar to modern palates.

One thing it has going for it; it's fairly priced compared to the craft burger joints.

Their web site says they're opening in December 2019; this place has been closed over a year so they have to jump through ALL of the hoops. Did Salsa Fiesta even have kitchen? I'll be surprised if they open before next summer.

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These guys are working away in here, as if they're going to open anytime soon. They're in for a rude awakening.
This is a franchise operation; they have 2 stores in CA open 2+ years (the SF location is in a neighborhood where all of the signs are in Spanish), one in Irving CA that just opened, and 2 closed in less than a year; Irvine TX closed in 8 months and Louisville closed in 3 months. They just filed an application; we'll see what happens when they find out they have to start from scratch like it's a new build out.

Remember Pizza Rev?

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