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2857 E Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
(954) 561-2136
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Last Review: 05/04/12


Critic's Review

Christopher's is part of the old Fort Lauderdale scene that has survived like a cock roach after a nuclear war. I ever wanted to go to Christopher's, but one night a friend of mine desperately wanted to go. He was having some sort of cougar craving or something, but he was driving and he said there was no cover, so I played along.

On a friday night, there was plenty of parking, which is never a good sign. The first hurdle was that there was a $5 cover; apparently all drinks are $5 on Friday and it costs you $5 in order to access the deal. Great. Ok, so my friend paid, but that obligated me to buy the first (and only) round, so it was a wash. From the outside the place looks like a real dump, but it's not bad on the inside; it's a multi-level place with 3 bars.


Am I really supposed to get excited about a couple of $5 beers. Wow what a deal.

The crowd was sparse and downright scary; disco people used to freak me out back in the 80s and it's no different now. Old men in white pants is not a pretty picture.


We had a few good laughs, chugged down our beers and back out into civilization. Lesson learned.

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Worst place!
Haven't been there in a while, but it used to be good and have a crowd.
No one is there on a Friday, or Saturday night.
They have nerve even charging at the door.
Bad service, and really pathetic DJ.
The Bar tender's seem to be ex waitresses, and not real Bartenders(Scared to trust them on getting a beer.).
They measure the drinks(Canadian, and really rip you off.
There must have been a change in management or ownership in the past few yrs, for five or ten yrs ago, this place rocked.
It doesn't any more, and there's no one there.
What a shame.