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1079 SE 17th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 523-0066
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Last Review: 01/28/13


Hours11am - 9:30pm, Closed Sundays
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
AlcoholNone Entree PricesInexpensive
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Critic's Review

China Lui is a small takeout place that looks like its been there forever; It's a dump in the same way that most Chinese takeout places are. They have a couple of fold up plastic tables and kids chairs, although I couldn't imagine eating here.

China Lui Interior

China Lui Interior

The thing to know about this place is that they specialize in Wings and Ribs. I'd had the mandarin wings once before, and they were good and spicy. This time I ordered the BBQ ribs. For about $8 they give you more ribs than you get at a BBQ joint for several dollars more.

China Lui BBQ Ribs

China Lui BBQ Ribs

Look at all of those ribs. Some Chinese places give you 4 or 5 small ribs. They're very messy; unfortunately they were exceedingly dry; so dry that they just tasted like dried up meat. Without fat and some moisture, Ribs just don't have much appeal.

For the main course I ordered Fried Rice and Chicken with Black Bean sauce. They use short grain rice here and there's something unusually home-made about it; unfortunately the pork was also very dry in the same way as the ribs. The rice didn't have that greasy goodness you usually get from right out of a hot wok take out fried rice.


The Chicken with Black bean was unusually soupy; they were way too aggressive with the sauce.

China Lui Chicken w/Black Bean Sauce

China Lui Chicken w/Black Bean Sauce

Fishing out some stuff, I was pleasantly surprised to see some red pepper buried out of site, so I salvaged a pretty good looking dish.


I've had this prepared so many ways I can't remember them all; but the best is when they just coat the chicken with black bean paste and serve it in a more traditional brown sauce. This was too pungent. Not terrible but not close to what I was hoping for.

When I paid, I asked for extra duck and mustard and no soy. I got 2 of each, including soy. All part of the Chinese Take Out experience.

Follow up

I picked up a red pepper and I fixed this up. I refried the rice in my wok with some oil, garlic and onions, and I sauteed some onions and red bell pepper with garlic in oil; and then tossed the drained leftovers with some Kikkoman Black Bean paste. The result was a crazy good dish; the way you'd get it from a really good Chinese take out place in Manhattan.


Sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

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This reviewer thinks he's cutting edge because he added red pepper & Kikkoman
everything he/she dislikes about the restaurant is what makes it stand out
-plenty of gravy, so you can adjust dish to your liking - much better than too little
-dry stir fry, NOT greasy
-natural texture and simple authentic ingredients --
-no "dolling it up" with typical, ubiquitous gluey stuff like the ingredients shown in last pic
Some people think the tourist experience is the real thing
No, this food sucks. It doesn't look good, nor does it taste good. I think the fact that you can make it crazy good with a few simple ingredients says it all.