Jimmy's Courthouse Deli

Last Activity: Jul 27th, 2012

jimmys deli


200 SE 6th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 524-0606
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Last Review: 08/12/09


HoursOpens at 7am
Dress CodeAny ParkingHardly Any
CCNo AlcoholNope
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorSort of
ReservationsNo Deliveryno

Critic's Review

Jimmy's is across from the courthouse, and unless you're stuck there for an entire day, there's really no reason to come here.

Jimmy's is a handsome little joint, with a sandwich station in the rear and coffee along the wall. That's about all they have here; plus soup and salad. The one thing I can say about Jimmy's is that its cheap; and you get what you pay for. Skinny sandwiches, lousy rye bread and pickles right out of the jar from the supermarket. And there's something very wrong with the chicken salad. They obviously don't use Hellman's.

There is no Jimmy here; two asian woman at the register and 2 women in the rear, so its all just a big trick. Its your typical small business without a clue; signs everywhere that say things like "CASH ONLY" and "NO 50s or 100s"; a real class joint. As if its not bad enough to be stuck on Jury duty.

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