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slice pizzeria


108 SE 1st St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 762-9434
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Last Review: 11/25/13


HoursM-F 11am - 8pm
Dress CodeCasual ParkingStreet metered, Garage
CCYes AlcoholNo
Entree PricesInExpensive OutdoorYes
ReservationsNo DeliveryFree, $10 minimum

Critic's Review

Slice is under new ownership yet again, and rather than skip lunch on a busy day, so once again I figured I'd check them out. I've never gotten a pie here; partially because of their hours and partially because I didn't care for the owners.

No Italians behind the counter here; I ordered a single slice. Up to a whopping $2.85. Pretty pricey for a small slice.


Not very impressive; burned around the edges. The crust was crispy, and had these burned bits that occur when the pizza oven isn't cleaned properly.


Not as good as before, and it was only "decent" before.

Review 1/14/10

Slice is a cramped space in the downtown "mall" of shops that cater mostly to area businesses at lunchtime. I've gotten slices here on several occasions with different results each time. I prefer to review whole pies, but they don't seem to be open on evenings or weekends, so it hasn't worked out.

There really isn't a place to stand while you wait for your order, which is a bit uncomfortable. Its not an issue if you're dining in. On my last visit I was shooed from where I was standing, even though there was no-one else waiting or in the area.

The first slices I got were reheated several times, and were quite overdone. The next time they were only slightly overdone, with a crispy thin crust. The sauce is quite tasty, but a little short on cheese. There was about an inch and a half of unsauced, uncheesed crust which is too much on a 16" slice. The 3rd time they were much better (pictured), I suspect because the owner was in this time. The crust is just right, but they're a bit light on the sauce and I certainly wouldn't say the cheese is generous. The slices are very similar to Isabella's pizza. Good but nothing extraordinary.


They have 18" pies, but their slices are from 16" pies. Most places, think Mauro's and Times Square, use their largest pies for slices. They are inexpensive, as a 16" regular pie is only 9.99 and an 18" pie is $11.99. One day I'll get a pie, but I usually don't order whole pizzas mid day. A 16" plain slice is $2. plus tax.

They claim to sell Gyros, and their facebook page boasts a Gyro Broiler, however the broiler has been empty both times I checked. Perhaps you need to call a day ahead?

They've recently changed their hours so they are now open until 8pm M-F. Still closed on weekends.

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