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Spazio Fort Lauderdale


239 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 764-8191
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Last Review: 06/08/15


Hours8am-2am 7 Days
Dress CodeCasual ParkingMetered Lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar
OutdoorYes ReservationsYes


Beachfront Location


Euro Service
Overpriced, Mediocre Fare
Forced Gratuity

Critic's Review

The weather has been great; low 80s in June, are you KIDDING me? So I decided to hit the beach. In Season, the beach is a disaster, with no parking and dopey tourists everywhere.

At 2:30 there were just a couple of tables occupied. The tables don't match the chic new decor. I kept getting the feeling that the creepy Euro servers were watching me; paranoia perhaps, but I did have the big camera.

Spazio Dining Area

Spazio Dining Area

They remodeled this place a couple of years ago. The same people own just about the whole strip: Rock Bar, Sangrias, Blondies, Spazio. So they're just pretending to be a nice restaurant. These places are left over from the 90s.
Spazio Bar Area

Spazio Bar Area

I had trouble finding something I wanted to order. I didn't want to pay $20 for a lunch entree at this place. Good grief you can't even have a light lunch. How do they think they can get these prices in the summer? No wonder the place is empty. Locals aren't going to pay these prices. I decided on the Mussels and Clams, which were an unruly $16. It's $2 extra for the herbs sprinkled on the plate. Ok, well at least I was at the beach.

Music is bad news, with bad dance music filling the air. The mussels came out and I almost snickered at the portion. No bread. Small clams and mussels. I'd be needing a sandwich on the way home.

Spazio Lunch

Spazio Lunch

I was about half done when my server swung by and asked "Would you like some bread"? Hey, there's an idea. "Yes Please".

I didn't expect a bread service with olive oil. Nobody else had bread,so maybe she noticed me seething. Or maybe the big camera had something to do with it?

Spazio Bread Service

Spazio Bread Service

The bread didn't look so great, but the oil dip was very good and the bread was absorbent. It worked with the sauce from the mussels. Finally some food.

The mussels sauce was passable; at least the tomatoes were edible, unlike the canned junk I got at Sea Watch a few weeks ago.

Spazio Mussels and Clams

Spazio Mussels and Clams

The bread made this into a meal. It makes sense to get the bread while you're waiting for the food, so I'm not sure what made her has when I was half done. It if was a regular part of the experience is would make it more worthwhile.

I got the bill and it was over $23. $3.50 for an iced tea. Closer examination shows that they added a 15% tip. About what I would have left, but it was pretty stealthy; there was no note saying "Includes 15% gratuity", so clearly they're hoping that you double tip.


Locals know that this place isn't worth anything close to what they charge for food, so you won't have any trouble getting a table here during the summer. You can remodel a restaurant, but you can't change it's personality. Spazio is still Spazio; now with higher prices.

They've also raised their breakfast prices 20% to the point where I can't recommend the place anymore.

Update 11/14

Spazio has dumped the plastic benches on the sidewalk and it back to their regular tables and chairs.

Spazio Fort Lauderdale (2014)

Spazio Fort Lauderdale (2014)

Review 5/12/12

Spazio Fort Lauderdale (2012)

Spazio Fort Lauderdale (2012)

Spazio has gotten a facelift, so it's a lot nicer than it used to be. The inside used be a real eyesore; with bare concrete and a barren feel . Now it's more clubby, with some nice tables and a more comfortable bar. (mouseover to see old decor). The bad news is that the music they play is also bad club music. So if you go here, be prepared to eat your breakfast to tunes like "Burn for You" and "Hypnotized".

Spazio Bar (2012)

Spazio Bar (2012)

One thing that doesn't disappoint is the view. Spazio is right across from the beach and if offers the best that Fort Lauderdale has to offer in terms of sidewalk views.

Spazio View (2010)

Spazio View (2010)

Most of the things that I hated about the old Spazio have changed. They don't have the clear coffee cups anymore; and they now have rye toast. I ordered my usual; 2 over-easy with sausage and rye toast.

Spazio Breakfast (2012)

Spazio Breakfast (2012)

For $6.95 (and $2.25 for coffee) I can't complain about the food. The potatoes were a bit heavy on the paprika but they were fine; the eggs were cooked properly and the sausages weren't the really good ones, but they were good also. The coffee cup said Lav

One thing to note is that not one salt shaker wasn't clogged; I tried several from nearby tables. They need to learn about toothpicks and rice here.

When you get your bill make sure you check it; they add a 15% gratuity. I almost missed it myself. I usually leave at least 20% but when they sneak it on the bill (hoping that you miss it so you double tip), that's all they get.

Although their sign says that they serve breakfast until 11am, they serve it until 11:30 during the week and 12pm on Weekends. I wonder how many people have seen the sign at 11:15 and just kept walking?

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