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Pomperdale Fort Lauderdale


3055 E Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 771-9830
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Last Review: 08/27/13


Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholNone
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorNo
ReservationsNo DeliveryNo


Good Deli Meats
Overstuffed Sandwiches


Not nearly as good as it used to be
New Owners jacked up prices
Stingy with sides and pickles

Critic's Review

This place has changed hands a couple of time since legendary original owner Lawrence Vogel passed way; the people who bought it from his widow almost destroyed it with bad meat, cheap supermarket bread and a bad attitude. The new owner takes over by way of Queens and TooJays; I hadn't had a decent pastrami sandwich in a while, and it was time.

The inside is nicer; there's a NY-style mural on the wall and lots of point of sale stuff; Vogel was more focused on serving his customers than fancy decorations.

Pomperdale Deli Inside

Pomperdale Deli Inside

While many delis use the term "overstuffed", you'll be hard pressed to actually get one. They have overstuffed here.

Pomperdale Pastrami Sandwich

Pomperdale Pastrami Sandwich

The bread isn't the real hearty kind that the old Pomperdale used to use; their mustard was pretty good (They use National Deli brand) but I prefer either Gulden's or Boar's Head Deli mustard. They also don't give you a nice Koshur Dill; the "overnight" dills suck. Luckily I had some Claussen Hearty Garlic Dills in the fridge.

Pomperdale Pastrami with Claussen Dill

Pomperdale Pastrami with Claussen Dill

Half is enough for lunch.

Pomperdale isn't the same as it used to be; you always felt like the Vogels just wanted you to really enjoy your food. This place is more of a business; the prices are more NY than South Florida. But it's the best pastrami sandwich in Fort Lauderdale

Review 6/24/2011


On June 10, 2010 a piece of Fort Lauderdale's culture was lost when Lawrence Vogel passed away. Pomperdale Deli was a special place; where you ate and then paid on your way out. No Checks here; they trusted you to pay what you owed.

You'd walk in from the deserted street on a sweltering summer day to find the place packed with people snarfing down cole slaw and biting into big pastrami sandwiches. The noise level in the place was unbearable, with older couples cackling at each other. One thing that was clear though; the people who worked here really wanted you to enjoy your food. I really enjoyed their chunky chicken salad, which came with 2 pickles on hearty rye for $6.95.

Pomperdale Chicken Salad (Original Owners)

Pomperdale Chicken Salad (Original Owners)

It's changed hands a couple off times since. I went in shortly after it changed hands the first time,and it was just an empty room.

I ordered a pastrami sandwich, and I got this.

Pomperdale Pastrami  on Seedless Rye

Pomperdale Pastrami on Seedless Rye

A decent sandwich on pedestrian rye bread and no dill pickle. There were 2 italian guys behind the counter, one who yelled out "Hey, you all paid up ova there?". What a disappointment.

It seems that it's changed hands again, as now there is an older dude with a clipboard in charge of the place. There are point of sale items at the register, and the wall now has a New York City themed mural.


The Jewish couples aren't back, and the warm friendly ambiance has been replaced by corporate steel. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich; the woman asked what side I wanted, cole slaw I said. But then she charged me $1.50 for it. I assumed it was include by the way she asked. The dude with the clipboard came over and explained to her that they have a smaller size for $.70 that comes with sandwiches. They took off the $1.50, and i guess they didn't change the order because it included the slaw.

Pomperdale Chicken Salad and Cole Slaw

Pomperdale Chicken Salad and Cole Slaw

This was a pretty good sandwich; good rye bread, a good sized sandwich and nice chunky chicken salad. No dill pickle, just a half dill. I can't remember the last time I got a dill pickle at a deli [sigh]. The cole slaw was better than the overly creamy stuff they used to have, but it had something in it that I didn't like. Dill seeds or something like that. I peppered it up and it was better.

So the old couple who treated everyone like family is gone, and the friendly neighborhood place has been replaced by a pretty good, more corporate type of Deli. Not as special as it once was; but they serve a pretty good chicken salad sandwich.

Best of Yelp

From: Bruce B
Really guys All the positive reviews make me think that either Im too spoiled when it comes to Deli or you guys know nothing about good Pastrami Deli. I just moved recently to south Florida from NY and I have the itch for a good Deli sandwich so naturally I went on Yelp to look for one. After reading all the positive reviews I figured Ill go check out Pomperdale and Bens Deli (another joke but thats for another story). I got there and asked for a lean Pastrami Sandwich just to be told Pastrami dont come lean - take the top end of the top round and you get the leanest part of the beef but I guess they dont have fresh pieces or something - I was willing to pay extra. To the mens credit he did say that hell trim it as he goes along. Well I got the fatest Pastrami I ever got Id say there was 60% fat and 40% meat. They heat it in a micro oven and the Rye bread is nothing to brag about thin and tasteless. The pickle was the best part of the meal. Kats Deli ruined it for me because thats the bench mark and no one even comes close.

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Pomperdale has raised all their prices to NYC levels, which is just ridiculous. It's unfortunate what's happened to this place. Some "businessman" rolled in and turned it into an overpriced corporate restaurant. When this was the best Deli in South Florida back in 2009, sandwiches were 30% less.

They're "advertising" an egg sandwich with cheese and meat for "just" $7.95. Ham and Egg on a Buttered roll with Coffee is $2.49 on Long Island. $10 for a chicken salad sandwich with no side?

I can't recommend paying these prices.
Kvetching about the Pickles is par for the course with the Deli crowd. C'mon Marci get over the Pickles and try the Roast Beef and Pastrami---hands down it's the Best in Broward. $11 is cheap for what you get, and it has more meat than LaSpada's for about same price
Without slaw and with bad pickles, it's worth $8.95. $9.95 with cole slaw. "Best in Broward" is like being the hottest chick in the nursing home. It doesn't warrant Queens, NY prices.
Cutting back on the pickles is a big mistake. When you charge $11 for a sandwich, it should come with a big Kosher Dill.
Used to eat the pastrami sandwich there. A lovely place it was, but since Mr Vogel passed away, ate there once and will not go back. The pastrami was not awful but it was not the fantastic pastrami they once served. The end of an era, what a shame.