Mauro's Pizza

Last Activity: Jun 12th, 2013



1904 Hollywood Blvd # B
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 929-4001
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Last Review: 06/11/13


Dress CodeCasual ParkingStreet
CCNo AlcoholBeer and Wine Only
Entree PricesInexpensive OutdoorYes
ReservationsNo DeliveryYes

Critic's Review

There's a lot of bad places in Hollywood, and Mauro's certainly fits the bill physically. It's as big a dump as there is. No tables or chairs, and signs that say there is no eating at the counter.


Mauro's reminds me of the Soup Nazi episode on Seinfeld; there are signs warning you not to ask for a fork or a knife; and the dreaded "No Cash? No Pizza". It's not clear if it's an act or not, but you don't take a chance if you want a slice.


Still only $2.75 including tax. The slice is ridiculous, like it's cut from a 28" pie or something.


I remember the first slice I got here; I thought I'd finally found great pizza. But it's not the same. A good slice, short on cheese and the crust paper thin; it's not as good as it used to be. They should probably kick up the price and get back to making stellar pizza.

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