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2432 E Sunrise Blvd, #1008
The Galleria Mall
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 653-2583
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Last Review: 07/18/13


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Two or three times a year, the Blue Martini hosts a "Little Black Dress" party, where girls in little black dresses get in for free (I assume it only applies to girls), get 1 free drink and have a chance to win designer shoes and handbags; it's a real party for the girls, a chance for the ladies to shelve their flip flops for an evening and step out in style.

The first time I went to a Little Black Dress party it was like heaven; there aren't many clubs in Fort Lauderdale and at the time the Big City Tavern was the "scene"; where cleavage was the focus rather than fashion. They used to have the parties on Thursday nightsjump-->, so it was the only really big thing going on in town on that night. It was like every skinny blonde who owned a "little black dress" felt compelled to go.

This year they had it on a Saturday; and it wasn't nearly the same. After all, Saturday is date night, and hot blondes usually have dates on Saturday Nights. In fact, there were really only a few girls that should be seen in a little black dress in the club; it was more like a ladies night out for girls with no date; not unlike 20 or more simultaneous bachelorette parties without the veils and the penis-straws. You know, that awkward group of mostly married babes who haven't been out on the town in 8 years? There also were a lot of sort-of black dresses; lots of the women here apparently don't own a little black dress so some outfit with black in it seemed good enough to get them in for free. It was more like a "black party", as there were only a handful of women in what I consider a little black dress.

The cover charge was $10 for dudes and chicks in white dresses (tourists and other people who apparently didn't know there was a Little Black Dress party), and they did have a band, which is always better than just a DJ.


Other entertainment for the evening was provided by a big ice sculpture; a gimmicky think where a young babe in a little black dress poured some reddish drink towards the top and the liquid tricked down a groove into a tiny plastic martini glass. Somehow a drink is supposed to taste better that way.


But the real entertainment came in two separate incidents; first some clumsy dude who was hovering around the sculpture dumped an entire tray of little plastic glasses on the floor while the girl was off getting some more booze; and the second was when two bouncers were shutting down the gimmick, which required lowering the massive sculpture into a garbage can. It's not easy to get a good grip on ice; and the two bouncers weren't enough as the sculpture tipped backwards into the crowd; a third large man grabbed the top to save the day.

There were a bunch of tall euro chicks that were pretty eye-catching, but overall it was a pretty disappointing evening. The strategy is to get here early, as by midnight the place is so packed you can't move; and the band starts around 9pm. Hopefully they'll have the next one of these on a Thursday; on a Saturday this is more of a night for the girls than for guys seeking eye-candy.

Review 11/3/10

The Blue Martini is a large multi-tiered lounge located outside the Galleria Mall. While they serve food here, its largely appetizers; the place is a club pure and simply. There are 3 distinct areas to the club; a raised bar area with a VIP lounge, a central main bar area with a small dance floor and stage, and an open-air bar with an indoor bar and tables "outside" (although there is a roof).

Back Bar Area

Back Bar Area

This place is different than most other places in Fort Lauderdale, in that there's nothing laid-back about it. Its the place to mingle, and it gets crowded on Wednesdays and weekends. This is where the girls come to show off their new bodies; where young bucks come to mingle with cougars, and where dark meets light. This is where the shiny shirt, big watch crowd plays.

Wednesday is ladies night, and the crowds build as the night wears on. Things are a bit backwards here; which is a good thing. There's live music early, from 9pm to 11pm, when the crowd is just beginning to arrive. I'm not a big fan of the elbow-to-elbow thing, so my strategy is to get here around 9:30 and get out before Midnight. The band is playing, there's enough people there to make it feel like a club.Of course if the place fills up with hot babes you can always hang around.

Crowd-wise, the place is hit or miss. Sometimes its great, sometimes its a bunch of overweight old ladies. So keep your options open.

They also allow smoking, and there are a lot of cigars. So expect to wash your clothes and your hair in the morning.

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