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Truluck's Fort Lauderdale


2584A East Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
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Last Review: 07/27/13


Hours4:30pm-10pm, Open til 11 on weekends
Dress CodeNeat Casual ParkingPrivate lot, $8 Valet
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar
Entree PricesExpensive OutdoorYes
ReservationsYes DeliveryNo
Happy Hour4:30-7pm Half price select wines, cocktails and Appetizers. All Night Sunday

Critic's Review

When people ask me what I think of Truluck's, I tell them that it's an overpriced Bonefish Grill with more granite. Mainly because that's what I think of it.

My first disclosure has to be that I've never had an entree here. The reason? I can't think of any restaurant that has bad appetizers that has good entrees. The prices are outrageously high; they've taken their $30 flounder off of the menu, but raised prices on other items $5 while moving from "Alaskan" to "Canadian" sources. I see no reason to confirm what I already know. I also don't like the way they do business; this place is the king of restaurant tricks. Their website has a long list of OpenTable awards, which of course we all know are usually restaurants giving themselves great reviews. I paged through a few and 95% of them are "suspicious". They've also transitioned from a "USDA Prime" steakhouse, to Harris Ranch "All Natural" to whatever they are now, while maintaining the USDA Prime prices. $82 per pound for choice Filet Mignon.

They do have a good happy hour with selected half priced appetizers; at half price the price is about right. Would you really pay $18 for a crab cake here?

The lounge area is very attractive, decorated with black granite and golden onyx. This is your typical South Florida restaurant; beautiful decor, bad food at crazy high prices.

There's a long bar with a TV on one end and a piano on the other; you don't come here to watch a game.


Truluck's Fort Lauderdale Bar

Over the display there are wine taps; if you want to drink wine from a tap, this is your place.

I will say that the piano player was outstanding, she had a great voice and I was wondering what she was doing playing at Truluck's, where not one of the stingy happy hour dwellers put a dime in her tip glass.

I found an open seat and promptly ordered a light beer ($3.50), a wedge salad ($10) and 1/2 priced mussels ($8). The bartenders they have now have more personality than on my last visit; One guy used to work at the Royal Pig and there was a girl who couldn't be more bubbly. I had some older ladies next to me; the typical Truluck's happy hour types; they split a half price appetizer and ate the whole thing, including the garnish. I had told my server that I didn't care which item came out first, so naturally they came out at the same time, which shouldn't happen at the bar. I started with the mussels.


Truluck's Mussels

When you read the description for the mussels, they sound so fantastic; "finished with whole butter". Sure, the broth had zero taste. None. The mussels were mostly dime-sized. The bread was suitable as a visual garnish only; of course the broth had no taste so bread that would be suitable for dipping wouldn't make much difference.

The wedge salad was a bit better, with generous portions of bacon and crumbled blue cheese. Junk chopped tomatoes, but that's sort of the norm in most places. The ladies marveled at the salad, apparently having never seen iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing before.


Truluck's Wedge Salad

I enjoyed the salad. You can see some of their appetizers in the gallery, and decide if you want to pay $36 for a piece of fish in a place that has "Hot n Crunchy" Shrimp as a $14 appetizer. You make the call.

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As of my most recent visit, the Happy Hour Menu has changed for the worst. The aforementioned 'Hot n Crunchy' Shrimp, the Crab Cake, Calamari, and Sliders have all been removed from half price choices and have been replaced with $ome cheap $tuff.
I put up the menu they have on their web site, but it doesn't look like cheap stuff; it looks like more expen$ive stuff. Is the menu you saw different than this?

$9 for a shrimp cocktail isn't a bad deal, although I don't know who would pay $18 for it at Truluck's. $1.50 per oyster. Not bad.