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Lauderdale Grill


1901 Cordova Rd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 524-1118
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Last Review: 06/03/13


HoursMon-Thu 11am -1am, FriSat 11am-2am, Sun 11am-12am
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar
Entree PricesModerate OutdoorYes
Happy Hour4pm-7pm, Wed 4pm-9pm 1/2 price cocktails and martinis, 1.75 domestic drafts, $2 domestic longnecks.

Critic's Review

The Lauderdale Grill Closed their door; May 9 was their last day open. The previous Downtowner owner tried to revive some of the old concepts, but it just never worked. The place never felt right to me.jump-->

Review 6/3/13

When I think about going out to eat, I never think about the Lauderdale Grill. Everything about the place seems out of place. The previous owner of The Downtowner has tried to recreate the concept in a Publix shopping center. A sort-of sports bar that doesn't have most of the big sports packages, with Duffy's across the way you can't consider it a place to go to watch sports.

When they first opened, I tried it out. They have the Sunday afternoon thing, with bands and a "barbeque". But on the sidewalk, it just doesn't work. It's a waterfront event in a Publix parking lot.

But every time I drive into Publix I see the $7.99 lunch sign, and having had a bunch of $24 lunches lately, I figured it was time for a re-visit. Running late, as usual, I got there at 2:20pm. Walking in, you wouldn't even know they were open. No hostess. Not a soul in the big room. "Sit Anywhere". I sat in the back.


A menu comes; I see the "Specials" are all priced from $9.99 to 13.99. Where's the $7.99 lunch? On the back of the menu they have the lunch specials "Served 11am to 2pm". 2pm? What's the point of that? Is this midtown Manhattan? Duffy's have 40% off from 2pm to 4pm. No wonder there's nobody here. They've raised their burger prices substantially since they opened, trying to cash in on people's stupidity. I can get a CAB burger for $7 across the parking lot with the discount.

The meatloaf special looked interesting, they call it "bacon infused", but baking meatloaf with a stip of bacon on it was mastered by my mother 40 years ago. I needed to low-carb it and mashed potatoes wouldn't cut it. I ordered Chicken Francese.

Music is intolerable. Janet Jackson, Nelly, Beyonce. 15 minutes with an iced tea. No bread here, even with an entree order. They have some games you can play while you wait.

Lauderdale Grill Booths

Lauderdale Grill Booths

The big room gives you plenty of notice when the food is coming out. It's a long walk from the kitchen to the booths in the back.

Lauderdale Grill Chicken Francese

Lauderdale Grill Chicken Francese

A nice big piece of chicken. The broccoli is somewhere between raw and cooked. I had to ask for butter. One peeve is the razor slice of lemon. Is it just a garnish? Why not 1) scrape out the pits and 2) give me a wedge that I can actually squeeze if I want more lemon? I'm getting tired of people in the kitchen who seem to have no idea about the art of eating.

The chicken francese was very good. The sauce had just the right balance of lemon and butter. The rice was pedestrian, a pilaf might have been better, or some wild rice to add some interest.

Or course for lunch, they could have served half this portion for $10.99. Another $20 lunch in Fort Lauderdale. Not in this place.

While researching this, I noticed that they're using my photo as their twitter avatar. Is it really too difficult to step outside and take a picture with your camera phone?

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I can't agree with you more, except for the fact that I have been there twice and the food hasn't been good either time! We walk in and were not even acknowledged and were standing there for about 10 minutes (in an empty room). Totally ignored by the wait staff wandering around. Finally, what may look like a hostess comes to the front and points to the other side of the room and says you can sit over there. She must have seen the shocked looked on my face when I just stood there with my fiance. She then says, "Oh, do you want me to seat you?". I am thinking that would be nice as you are the hostess and isn't that your job?

The place was a mess with food all over the floor where she was going to seat us. Is it too much trouble to seat us in a cleaner area - as no one is in the entire restaurant? So we asked for another table.

My fiance ordered a steak - their "claim to fame" which came out as luke warm at best. I am sorry but shouldn't food be hot when served (especially steak)? My food wasn't much better and also luke warm (at this point I can't even remember what I ordered as it wasn't memorable).

It is a shame because we are both locals and I live 5 minutes from the place and shop at the Harbor Shops all the time. You won't get my business again! Oh, and I have also told my friends and coworkers about it so you won't get their business either.

- Unhappy local who is always looking for good restaurants but is usually disappointed.