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Last Activity: Dec 4th, 2013

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Bokamper's Plantation


1280 S Pine Island Rd
Plantation, FL 33324
(954) 533-7152
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Last Review: 11/10/13


Hours11am-2am, 7 days
Dress CodeCasual ParkingPrivate Lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar

Critic's Review

It's funny how your perspective changes when you have more information; the first time I came to Bokamper's I really liked it. I watched the first half of the Giants vs Raiders game, and I had a completely different impression. The bar is kind of small, and there was only jump-->1 TV on the Giants game; with no seats in front of it. So I had to sit in the back row, which eliminated any change of eating.


Bokamper's Plantation Interior

I didn't feel like drinking at 1pm, so I got an iced tea. There was something particularly bad about it; some of the worst iced tea I've had anywhere. When I got a refill, I realized what it was; they put raw mint leaves in the tea, which might be trendy but it makes it taste like crap.

Bokampers Iced Tea with Mint Leaf

Bokampers Iced Tea with Mint Leaf

Another issue was the skylight; something else that seems like a good idea, except the TVs are like mirrors, and the skylight adds a bad glare to watching the TVs. The next generation of LED TVs don't reflect, but they don't have them here yet. I hope they don't have this problem in the new Fort Lauderdale location.

I ran out at halftime; I wasn't enjoying my experience here. With Bokampers opening in Fort Lauderdale next week, this was probably my last time here ever.>

Review 9/30/12

If you want to go to an "upscale" sports bar, you'll need to leave Fort Lauderdale. Bokamper's is owned by former Dolphin Kim Bokamper and it's as nice a sports bar as there is north of Miami.

The place has big Panasonic plasma TVs throughout, and the bar area is a great place to watch multiple games. With 4 big TVs with great pictures at pretty close range, you can watch 4 games from a seat at the bar.


Bokamper's Bar View from Corner

The negative of watching the NFL here is that if one of the games you want to watch isn't on one of the 4 TVs, then you'll have to decide which game you want to watch more. I would have liked to watch the Packers/Saints and Redskins/Buccaneers, but the 2 games weren't viewable from my seat at the bar.

The crowd is a mixture of young and old; very suburban. Unlike Duffy's, where I don't mind standing to watch the games, the bar area hear isn't that big and standing wouldn't be as comfortable.

Bokampers Crowd for Sunday Football

Bokampers Crowd for Sunday Football

Also unlike Duffy's, this place is stacked with nice looking babes.

I ordered the Chicken Wings, Medium Grilled, which gets you 10 wings for $10.99. Grilling is $1 more.

Bokampers Grilled Wings

Bokampers Grilled Wings

The wings are excellent; not as good as Bru's; Bru's wings are sweeter. But overall I recommend the wings.

I'm rating to food here based only on the bar food; I don't expect Sports Bars to have the same quality food as high end restaurants.

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