Riverfront Pizza

Last Activity: Mar 10th, 2013

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300 SW 1st Ave Ste 109
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 524-2750
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Last Review: 06/12/10


Dress CodeCasual ParkingGarage
CCYes AlcoholBeer and Wine Only
Entree PricesExpensive OutdoorYes
ReservationsNo DeliveryYes

Critic's Review

This place is open late-night and is in the style of a NY pizza parlor with pies with all different toppings available by the slice. Since you'll likely be hammered when you go here, you'll most likely enjoy it. Because most people eat this pizza when they're highly inebriated, they have a reputation for pizza that's much better than it is.

I went in there looking for either a meatball or sausage slice, and I didn't see what I wanted. The Goombah behind the counter asked what I was looking for, and he said, yeah, you want sausage? He then grabbed a slice with pepperoni and sausage and flipped it into the oven. Are you kidding me? I didn't want pepperoni. What a bozo.

Riverfront Pizza Fort Lauderdale Slice

Well for $4 it wasn't even a very big slice. Let's see, that would be $32 for a 16" pizza.

I'd had a few beers so it tasted pretty good, but not enough to know that I'm not coming here when I'm sober.

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