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Anglins Beach Cafe Dec 2014


2 Commercial Blvd
Lauderdale By The Sea, FL 33308
(954) 491-6007
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Last Review: 12/17/14


HoursBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Dress CodeCasual ParkingStreet Metered, Paid Lot
CCYes AlcoholFull Bar


True on the beach Location


Coffee Shop Food
Random Service
Pricey for what it is

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Have Drinks or a Burger and enjoy the view.

Critic's Review

Anglins has been advertising on TV, and it kind of annoys me to hear how great they claim the place is; "organic" eggs, like it's some sort of gourmet place. Well the weather has been gorgeous this week, 70s and clear skys, so I figured I'd get a late breakfast. They serve breakfast until 12:30; an odd time to end breakfast, but good enough. I figured it wouldn't be too crowded at 11:30.

I can't properly express my hatred for the "new" LBTS; parking is a disaster. I haven't been able to park anywhere near the beach since the renovations. They must have lost 20 spots. I had to park in a lot 2 blocks from the beach strip. Nobody was in the lot, but there's no street parking anywhere.

Parking Lot in Lauderdale By the Sea

Parking Lot in Lauderdale By the Sea

While walking to the place, I noticed that just about every place along the way was empty, further illustrating the parking problems here. I got to the place just before noon, and there were some outside booths. The inside "dining room" is pretty cramped; so I grabbed this for the open-air ambiance.

Anglins Beach Cafe Outside Booths

Anglins Beach Cafe Outside Booths

This "restaurant" is part of the pier, and it's literally right on the beach. On a perfect, clear day, you can't beat the view.

Anglins Beach Cafe View

Anglins Beach Cafe View

A server drops off a menu; I verify that they're still serving breakfast, and mention that I'd like coffee. It's dropped on the table in a paper cup with a spoon in it. At least it wasn't a plastic spoon.

Anglins Beach Cafe Coffee

Anglins Beach Cafe Coffee

The coffee wasn't good either; $3 for bad coffee is getting pretty normal around here.

I didn't want to just order eggs and sausage, so I went for the signature "Mermaid" Omelet. It sounded like an "everything" omelet. It comes with hash browns and toast; I ordered Rye bread.

Music is intolerable: "Boom Clap", Natalie Cole and "Get Lucky". Not your standard Cape Cod type music.

The eggs came out quickly; clearly there's no master chef in the kitchen here.

Anglins Beach Cafe Mermaid Omelet

Anglins Beach Cafe Mermaid Omelet

This is your typical, "way too hot grill" diner food; I didn't recall ordering the omelet "seared". And wait, is that a heal of bread that they gave me? $9 for an omelet and they serve the heal?

Anglins Beach Cafe Mermaid Omelet

Anglins Beach Cafe Mermaid Omelet

Everything was edible, but i could easily have been better with a tiny bit of attention to detail. If this was cooked in a bit of butter or olive oil it could have been a nice omelet; as it was it was just a bunch of stuff bonded together and flash cooked.
They're trying to turn this into a restaurant and started serving dinner; they have a full liquor license. They push the tropical drinks.

Anglins Drink Menu

Anglins Drink Menu

On my way out I need to use the bathroom, which was in the walkway right near where I was sitting. They have 2 doors, labeled Buoys and Gulls. That's got to be boys and girls, right? WRONG. Buoys is for the Pier, and Gulls is for the restaurant. Unisex. The doors are locked, so you have to get a key from the hostess. It's a single stall, smelly bathroom that you won't be able to get out of fast enough.

$3 for coffee brings this up to over $15 with tip; $5 more than my better breakfast at Harbor Beach Cafe last Saturday.


Anglins use to be a coffee shop, and really still it. They're using marketing garb to try to lure in unsuspecting tourists and inlanders; but the food and service is still very dineresque. Not a bad place for drinks on the beach or to have a burger; but don't plan on anything high end happening here.

While the view is nice, it's a creaky venue with blemishes. The bathrooms always tell the true story.

Review 6/24/12

I tried to re-visit this place; I sat at a table inside. Another group sat at the next table. For 15 minutes, there was zero acknowledgement that we were there. There were 4 tables in the entire place, and the servers were completely overmatched.

Formerly the Pier Coffee Shop, Anglins Beach Cafe has taken over where they left off at the foot of Anglins Fishing Pier. The restaurant is on the beach, not on the pier, and offers beach and ocean views from most seats, and a slight view of the pier from a very few seats.


The menu attempts to portray the place as a New England style restaurant, as their menu has lobster, crab and tuna rolls and the such. I ordered the "Sea Dog", which the menu says is "Fried Cod on a New England Roll". As you can see, its really a hamburger roll; one that doesn't come close to being able to hold the cod logs. New England rolls are usually pretty large; I'm quite glad I didn't order the lobster roll. While the logs reminded me of Mrs Paul's, they were pretty good; the cod was tender yet fleshy. The packaged tartar sauce notwithstanding, I ended up having one mini sea dog and then just eating the second piece like a fish stick.


The pickles were inedible and I'm not sure if they expected me to slide the massive lettuce leaf onto the sandwich or not, so I dismissed it as garnish. I would have preferred actual chips to potato chips. I was initially concerned that they actually lined the basket with a filthy newspaper, but its really a sort of wax paper thats printed to looked like newspaper.

Service was very poor, as my server was so consumed with a large party that came in that ice tea refills and getting my check in short order were fantasies unfulfilled. After her fourth trip to the patio without looking in my direction, I had to yell at her to get her attention.

Do you think 2 fish sticks on a hamburger bun and a bag of chips is worth $8 at a little dump like this? You make the call.

Now you're not coming here for good food or white glove service (or even platex glove service), you're coming here to eat on the beach. As long as you know what to expect, you'll be fine.

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