Last Update: Aug 27th, 2010
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Sun Sentinel Joins the Circus Act

A few months ago I wrote about how ridiculous the New Times reader polls where. Reader polls are such desperate attempts at fostering user participation its really quite sad. Recently, the Sun Sentinel has inexplicably decided to join the clown parade with its own "reader poll". Of course they won't post the actual results of the poll, so its just as likely a complete ruse as it is a poll.

The winner was Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, which isn't even pizza if you ask me, and second place is Pizza Fusion, which in my opinion is perhaps the worst pizza in town by a company not named Domino's. People don't eat at Pizza Fusion because its good food; they eat there because they think its healthier pizza.

What's truly ridiculous is that this "poll" is supposedly for all of South Florida. How many chains are there that have restaurants throughout South Florida? If the best pizza in the world is at a place in Fort Lauderdale, how are people in Delray Beach and Miami going to know about it? Is there some surprise that the places with the most locations are winning reader polls? Doesn't a place that has locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach have an advantage over a place with a single location?

Who really cares who wins a reader poll anyway? The reason we have actual food critics is that regular people don't know anything about food. Fast food places are always packed. Papa John's continues to expand. People will eat garbage if its cheap enough. Reader polls don't mean a thing.

My view on these reader polls is that they do a disservice to the community. People visiting Fort Lauderdale will read these articles and think that there is some legitimacy behind them. Hopefully they won't ruin an evening by paying attention to the results.

UPDATE: They're not having a "best chicken wings" contest. Wow. i can't wait to find out who the Sun-Sentinel readers "chose".

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