Last Update: Feb 17th, 2013
Mimosa bloodymary

Unlimited Mimosas and Bloody Marys on Las Olas

Sunday Brunch has lost a lot of it's luster to me; there are a lot of good breakfast places in Fort Lauderdale and Sunday Brunch is just an expensive version of breakfast. Think about it; A muffin with 2 poached eggs and a slice of ham is worth what? $6? So if they spoon on some hollandaise, suddenly it's worth $13?

A few years ago, Brunch on Las Olas was pretty lame; YOLO had a weak, expensive menu and the Cheesecake factory is, well, the Cheesecake Factory. Big City Tavern started serving brunch about 2 years ago, but recently it's gotten more interesting if you like to drink in the morning.

Big City started their "unlimited mimosas" for $12 a short while ago, and other restaurants have followed suit. Big City only offers Mimosas; which is orange juice with a splash of champaign. Women like it, because I guess drinking champaign makes them feel classy or something. I used to like them also, back at a time when drinking on my parent's dime was a big thing.

YOLO has now also introduced unlimited drinks; they offer unlimited Mimosas or Bloody Marys for $15. Good if you want Bloody Marys instead of Mimosas.

The "Other" restaurant offering unlimited drinks is Tundra, that delusional restaurant on the "other" end of Las Olas. They charge $19 for unlimited Bloody Marys or Mimosas to go with their $16 omelets and $28 steak and eggs. I wonder what planet they're living on?

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