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Waffle House Plantation

Waffle House

2580 Davie Rd
Plantation FL, 33317
(954) 792-8150
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Attire: Casual
CC: Yes
Alcohol: No
Prices: Moderate
Outside Dining: No
Reservations: No
Delivery: No

Critic's Review

There are 2 Waffle Houses near Fort Lauderdale, one on Powerline and this one which is in Plantation officially. It's not entirely clear what the Waffle House is categorically; it's a fast food diner; sort of an iHop with plastic built-in furniture.

Waffle House Plantation Interior

This is a service restaurant, and the service is about what you'd expect in a fast food restaurant. My server wasn't able to tell me the toast options, and she brought me a coffee cup that looked like it hadn't been cleaned at all since being last used. She said she'd bring me another; and then forgot; I had to remind her as she minded to some other chores. Finally I got a suitable cup.

Waffle House Coffee

I ordered a T-Bone with 2 over easy, hash browns and "regular" toast, which turns out to be Texas Toast.

Unlike my last visit to a waffle house, which blasted some disco tunes, there was no music in this place at all. The food came out quickly.

Waffle House Eggs, Hash Browns and Texas Toast

Frankly, I'm surprised that any place would serve eggs like this without some attempt at draining the oil . The steak was a skinny T-Bone, about what I expected for $11, and it was as close to medium rare as a skinny steak can be.

Waffle House T-Bone

The hash browns are buttery good; decent coffee. Cheap as T-bone and eggs go. Decent grub. If the eggs weren't so oily it would be a plus meal.

Worthy of note is that I was the only white person in the place, including help and customers. As I was leaving the family next to me put on some tunes on the juke box. James Taylor. I would have lost the bet on that one.

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